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  1. No, not Brony enough to get invited
  2. The Blitz Ferrets are recruiting! We are looking for competitive tankers to join us in killing evil otters world domination. Requirements: 18+ Use Teamspeak when in game. 1300+ WN8 overall (negotiable if recent is high) 1750+ Minimum recent WN8. Have CW tanks. Clan Wars availability 3x a week minimum. Clan Wars Tanks How to apply: 1. Register on IronRushGaming.com (Skip to step 3 if you click on this link) 2. Go to the FERET recruitment forum. 3. Copy application template. 4. Create a thread and paste your app. 5. Submit thread when finished. 6. Successful candidates will be contacted for further testing and given Teamspeak address. ​ ​
  3. I would toss you a PM but unfortunately I do not meet your requirements
  4. Dear Purple Poasters! The title says it all, I have a variety of questions clan related that I hope to get answers to. First, a little bit about myself. I've been playing this game for almost 2 years now, I've been in very few clans, my first being WOTAC and then graduated to RUSS. In the summer had my video card melt and I haven't picked up tank in a long time until officially returning in early 2013. At that time clan less with the option to come back, I decided to run solo for a while and get better at the game. I was bad, like Borderline scrub bad at 3k games with IS-7. I was promised to be worked with and trained, but in reality I really didn't get any of that help nor did I have the smarts to get the help I needed. Stats didn't come into play until 10k games, at that time I worked on researching more tanks, in the end I had bought and researched all soviet tonks *except for obj430*. 11k games I realized how terribad I was, immediately I started getting help that I needed. I watched WG's mechanics videos, different game play vids and etc. Used wiki for equipment and module info, but what I think helped the most is watching WoT streams. Knowing Russian I watched the ACES on their 24/7 channel. To be honest I learned more by just watching them then if I had played 50k games. After that I have noticed that my game got a lot better. I was actually thinking and not mindlessly driving my tank with the masses. I knew maps well and reacted to enemy movements on the map and carrying my own weight if not carrying the team. I got into calling Medium TC's. I had a good start and someone suggested that I should run my own clan, I like the idea but little did I know on how hard it is to get to success. Knowing I wouldn't attract any greens or above players, I decided to recruit anyone who would join that had at-least a tier 6 tank. Little by little the clan grew and the pivotal point was the 2nd Campaign 1st stage. I though I would give it a shot knowing my clan had few t8s and fewer t10s. And I planned out the landings researched for common strats done in cw and incorporating what I knew into my own. Knowing what A cesspool it would be, I planned on landing in northern Canada on maps that I was most familiar with. It happened to be that we claimed 2 out of the 3 landings which I did not expect. But let me tell you, it did not go smooth. I later got the reputation of an angry Russian scolding my players for their mistakes. The more games we lost due to players mistakes the more I raged the more keyboards I threw. To me screwing up basic concepts would be worthy of uninstalling but the kind of incompetence I recruited I was not aware of. The more I watched my players play, the more I face palmed. It got to a point where some players though they were really good, but could not take open criticism nor accept their mistakes. We landed on Mines way too many times (21 times played) and by the end we still couldn't get the game plan right. I then understood that I am lacking in competent players because there is not enough of me to teach all my players since half of them couldn't admit to their faults. After the campaign I started a restructuring process, I created a sub clan where I place all of the players temporarily. I created standards for both clans that I deemed appropriate. Once I announced about the importance of stats and the new order of things I quietly got rid of those players who were cancerous and in my opinion weren't improving. I set up ultimatums to certain players telling them if you do not meet the clan requirements in 4 weeks you will be released. Shit got serious real fast and I let them know about it. A lot of players were really unhappy about my stat requirement incorporation with arguments like I do not care about stats, I play for fun. In the end they got quietly deported as well. Now, after the clean up i went from 70 or so players to 15, 12 moved into the main clan and the rest were in the sub. Knowing things I know now I specifically recruited a certain type of players because my recruiters complained that players are not willing to join because of our stats. The caliber of players I was looking for was potatoe, knowing I couldn't persuade any greens or blues to join. This task was much harder that previously, and I tried everything: from wot forums, tc, to team battles and messaging players individually but with very little success. And now for the first question, 1. Where and how to recruit players effectively? Previously the practices I ran were focused on some kind of basic mechanic (where to pen a tank), now that I have players that have that knowledge the practices are geared toward map strategy and team play (focus fire and etc). Second question is geared towards practice, 2. What do I practice with my clan and what should I be striving for? I want to have a competitive clan and participate in clan wars, I know this cant happen overnight and the CW part takes a lot of practice and preparation. Knowing that it is important to have the tanks (dont want to be that guy going in with a prem tank into t10 cw) but tanks that work well with your starts. so for the third question, 3. What goals do I need to set en route to clan wars? Many people have been telling me that I should scrap my clan idea and join an established clan. Well I do agree that there are too many clans out there and that seeing that I hit rock bottom many Commanders would give up, but seeing that I have invested a lot of time and resources to run my clan it is foolish to let it go. I like teaching players who are willing to learn, having a leadership position and having the power to improve things that I saw and didn't like in previous clans. I like doing the prep and calling the battles which I know for sure that is something I wouldn't get to do right away if I went somewhere else. So for the final question, 4. Any other advice that you feel I would benefit from? I apologize for writing a wall of text, but i felt like telling you guys my story was necessary to explain the situation better. I am frustrated, I am not sure what to do, I want things to get better, things have been very slow as of late. I appreciate any advice you can give me, I feel that I am in need of guidance from you seasoned clannies . I will post the necessary resource in links below, I will also accept criticism if my personal performance as well Thank you in advance! Sincerely, RED-R on labs - main clan RED-R on tanks RED-S on labs - sub clan RED-S on tanks
  5. En route to Obj 430, just researched obj 430v2 last night

  6. Hello, I really like the obj416 I ground out all of the line and learned different play styles a-43, 44 had to offer. I read a lot of guides on the tank, watched a lot of replays and guides. I have full camo on the crew with sixth sense, running vertstab, rammer, and vents. I can consistently deal out 2k+ damage a game but I feel like i can do a lot more than I do. obj416 stats: http://imgur.com/H3WuTBV Recent Replays: http://wotreplays.com/site/511116?secret=d2f2ff7b4b9bd22cb7537c55bc362792 http://wotreplays.com/site/511119?secret=d2f2ff7b4b9bd22cb7537c55bc362792 http://wotreplays.com/site/511122?secret=d2f2ff7b4b9bd22cb7537c55bc362792 http://wotreplays.com/site/511128?secret=d2f2ff7b4b9bd22cb7537c55bc362792 http://wotreplays.com/site/511130?secret=d2f2ff7b4b9bd22cb7537c55bc362792 Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!
  7. But what if the battle tier was only 1 tier above instead of 2? So that tier X's would never see tier VIII tanks. It's frustrating trying to grind creds on the t34 and get one shot by the doom turtle. A lot of the td's are unforgiving like the 183, Foch, waffle and jge100 dealing massive amounts of damage and can even clip you with good damage rolls. Lowering damage could be a good idea, but I would like to see heavy tanks buffed in some way.
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