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  1. Is plsgo in its 1000th reincarnation not the toxic cancerous shit that tioga spawned?
  2. What the fuck, the real problem with the world is that PLSGO still exists...?
  3. I like sennheiser. I use sennheiser momentums but have used others in the past. Good sound/mic quality.
  4. I can't say i disagree about florb. Still was fun to play with tho
  5. Who's waiting for worlds today!!! Praying for CLG.

    1. Fulcrous


      NA will continue to play poorly as long as their top lane talent is shit tier globally (barring impact). Unfortunately impact no longer frequently plays in a region where the micro/macroplay is top notch so he's bound to get cucked. That and the warding as a team is terrible.

      Koo Tigers is just too good right now not to win it all imo. SKT lost its top/jungle threats so it'll be all the more easy for teams to win purely off camping mid/bot and holding even top.

    2. DeltaVolt


      All I want to say is EU is 0-3 :serb:

  6. rip the feels, i remember when that place had like 100 people in it.


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    2. How_Terrible


      we have a wotlabs chat in warships?

    3. SoliDeoGloria


      not so much as a chat as where I sit.



      Haha, I've quit for league. Even before that I quit on and off for long stretches. I still look at wotlabs but don't really poast anymore. 

  7. I know this is off topic because I don't know anything about this stuffs, but does Folterknecht have an appreciation thread? He helps so many people in this community and is easily the most reliable person I've seen when it comes to the tech support.
  8. Yep the good old days. I think I brought a tier 7 to the CW lol.
  9. im actually super OG for being shit at this game, I remember when we did our first CW match on that one snow map that sucked, and we won by a cap-out that wasn't called, and everyone was happy. Good times.
  10. I've been here for 3 years but I'm not one to screenshot anything. I actually really miss the rainbow backround. RIP garbadge. I think i was up in this bitch while WN7 was still the best metric. When praetor was developing wn8, when WT came out and no one liked it.
  11. You ever get gifted some stuff and you don't really know them that well, but they're nice, and the gift has no decline button and you feel like a slut. 

  12. why the hell do i want to start playing league again

    1. Tarski


      "Fuck noob team," said the Warwick who demanded top lane. "No heals."

      "Idiot Ashe," he added. "Never showed up for team fights." This was odd, since Warwick had neither left top lane nor taken the first tower. 



      lmao that was my last match b4 i quit for 3 months

  13. Shit im actually mildly interested in this but not sure if im going to wot at 100% capacity. Also someone who doesn't use reddit in a rddt clan seems silly.
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