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  1. Bulba got featured on Hall Of Shame ! http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/12/01/hall-of-shame-11/ BULBA > -G- ^ tru fax
  2. if u like to get carried by greens and then lose because you trusted them in the first place. then join dos.
  3. WoWP Has fallen ever since it came out. It most likely will not go down soon but over time it will if the player-base doesn't increase. What im saying is that its a risk. It may stay up, or it might not.
  4. Ill get one of my deputies to talk to you m8 if you're interested in us =)
  5. die furry,.

    1. Nicook5


      rude, am not furry please.

  6. The secret to winning is friendship! Become a brony! Fulfill your destiny and join D-O-S! Players 1000 WN8+ 49+!

  7. isnt connie gonna disband dos? then make a new clan named lolli?
  8. Hes Trying so hard to show off. Not to bust your bubble but those 20k Wn8s are actually possible by many players hence the reason that that mod isn't exactly correct on data calculations. Also not to pop your bubble again but what about DOS.. 8o And btw our average age is around. 16, but we have brick so then its 16.5?
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