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    I run safe stowage on the 113 and still I get ammo racked twice per game, even by the smallest calibre gun... This thing is just one giant ammorack
  2. Three shots, three fires. HELLO OBJ 260! Once I complete the rest of the missions
  3. Westfield Flattened the North West - Better for low gun depression tanks like T62a, but now clicker will obliterate you with ease. No more TD kemp'ing spots at the back and much fewer bushes. Flattened the South West and added hard cover - Less likely to get wrecked from the town and makes that corner more viable now, but scouts now have even fewer decent spots. Raised the valley - FINALLY. Slow fat meds like the Super-Pershing can now rejoice: no longer are you useless for 90% of the game (your now only 80% useless) Expanded the upper town towards the spawns - I'm indifferent, it adds a bit of arty cover for the heavies trying to have fun in the town. Considerably fewer bushes all round - Seems WG have a fetish for Brazilians. TDs and scouts are likely to have a much harder time now. Rating: 6/10 They made some necessary changes and some unnecessary changes to an OK map. Cancer will still ruin your game here. Sigfrid Line Flattened the fields considerably - I don't understand why?! If anything this area needs more hills to prevent town campers from wrecking any field push. This is a big nerf to meds and lights Added a ridge across the middle of the field - This doesn't really go anyway towards fixing the problem they just made. No cover from the town and the slop is too step for even tanks with the highest gun depression... NO BUSHES ANYWHERE! - WG went full on with the "back, sack and crack" here. Pushing here is useless and is another massive nerf to scouts/meds Moved the tank traps further out - At this point I don't even care. Rating: 0/10 WG took a bad map for meds/scouts and made is considerably worse. I honestly have no idea what they were hoping here. Sand River Made almost all of the riverbed traversable - This is a long time coming, and is pretty good. Provides alternative routes for heavies with some cover from the less OP clickers (CGC I'm looking at you) Removed most of the mid-ridge - I liked the mid-ridge as it held some value to the team that won north, but I'll get over it Seems like the bases lost the camping ridges - OK, bit of a nerf for the soft TDs but not terrible. Added a more accessible route to the north hills - Will benefit tanks with high gun depression, and cover from arty is always nice. Rating : 8/10 Good changes for most heavies, bad for soft TDs. Cancer will still remain cancerous on this map, but slightly less deadly. Also, the billboards suck. Karelia Flattened and removed bushes from the South-East - Looks like no more hull-down/camo-sniping here. The OP bush on South's rock has gone and so have most bushes. Added a second path up from the swamp - Welcome change, but going this route will be risky. If you meet another tank with the same idea, expect to get cross-fired hard. Pushing up will be painful as you will get shot in the side as well as the front. I don't think this will change that much until the late game. The team with more meds will still dominate this hill, however its effectiveness is reduced. Added a massive brawling area in the north-west - Seems a bit lacking in cover, but any additional corridor is welcome. Tanks no-longer have to worry too much about getting shot in the side by the meds on the hill. Rating : 7/10 More routes, hill is slightly less OP now and heavies have more options. Overall TDs and scouts have really started taking it in the arse from Serbs long, hard Belorussian shaft. Some changes are welcome but it seems like they're deforesting most maps. Maybe Serb likes he his maps like he likes his women: flat and bushless....
  4. I don't suppose either of those will work on the EU server by any chance?
  5. Behold, after a week of padding: J'ai trois marques d'excellence! Average damage per game is 1000 + whatever it thinks I do in spotting.
  6. This could be the best stealth nerf to the Waffle I've seen for a while: 400m view range and derp gun vs huge target and low camo. I want to get one just to piss off every "I CAN DO DAMAGE LIEK UNICUM" tomato in the game.
  7. Yep. Their statement that they are not going to release the formula calculating the marks of excellence because "it would be too complicated for users to understand" basically confirms it.
  8. I've found the Russian IS-7 line to be very solid brawling tanks (I'm at the IS-3 at the moment). You can't really go too wrong if you have a nice bit of solid cover between you and the enemy from which to peak-a-boom from. The hull armor of all of them (excluding the IS8) also lets you absorb shots if not aimed well or are from low pen guns. Its a nice 'no-brainier' tank line that almost always plays well. I have no experience either the IS-4 line or the Chinese line, so I can't really offer any comparison, but I rarely worry about having to pen a Chinese heavy in any tank.
  9. I've got 3.5 DPG in my Leo and I only qualify for the 1st Mark of Excellence. Apparently 33% of players are achieving better than this. Admittedly I play very aggressively and usually end a match dead or with little HP, so I'm probably being screwed over if it takes into account damage taken.
  10. My 'argument' was just me trying to refute a shitpost.
  11. You are correct, but its still interesting to look at the results from these games. Interpret (or don't) the data as you please. I guess I should change the title to "using pseudo-science"
  12. Yes, us Yurotrash players are considerably worse than you 'Murican Rommels. Oh wait, NA players are, on average, 100 WN8 and 0.4% winrate worse. Please try not to sterotype the entire EU population with unsupported shitposting. As much as I'd love to have identical crews I don't have the gold to keep switching them. I expect that I definitely had an effect, but no way to prove it. I suppose I could swap the crews over for the next session and see if it makes a difference.
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