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  1. Have the pubs gotten worse since a year ago??


    1. TheLovePanda


      Pubs are always in a perpetual spiral of decline :nmad:

  2. So, whatever happened to APE, anyway??
  3. to get back to the top of the thread list. Thanks for the bump btw
  4. Back to 12 members. Coming to life.
  5. Come check out -APE- ts9.gameservers.com:9170
  6. You should be a basic white girl APE. Just sayin'. Drop by and chat with us. ts9.gameservers.com:9170
  7. -APE- is the place for you. Stop by and check us out. ts9.gameservers.com:9170
  8. Join AWFUL.........wait what?! JK Join -APE-. This is exactly what we are doing now, stronks/toons/tourneys. ts9.gameservers.com:9170
  9. will be updating the reqs just ab FYI: I started a new job and haven't been around soooooo.
  10. Inb4. -APE- Edit: I assure you, APE is recruiting.
  11. We are managing to lose 1/night. But tomorrow is our easiest bracket yet.
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