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  1. i do this from time to time in my hellcat, and the results are funny from time to time. had games where i ended up in tier 10 and did 4k dmg and stuff like that. usully we do it with 2 hellcats + a tier 7 it is enough to increase the amount of HP to actually get everything out of the hellcat.
  2. Well my is-4 runs with food atm. and the extra dpm is nice to suprise people with. i've had a few times when auto firex would have saved me, but on the other hand im a bit more confident in my is-4 with food it just feels better. and it does not burn that bad fire crew is at around 70%. i would say that if you got crews with 4 and more crew skills then it is a viable option to run with
  3. Honestly i hated the t49 the hellcat is much more survivable no more one shot from kv-1s, it allows more mistakes.(even tou it is paper) and the gun is much more UMPH, but i would say hulldown peekaboo and viewrange abuse, are the key to making the tank work dont get close range then the turret rotation will kill you. im nearly at 440 meter view range on the tank (optics+bia+cola+situ+recon), so it does make my hellcat really diffrent to most others
  4. Kinda simple answer. do you want to play a shit stock tank with a great crew or do you want to play a shit stock tank with a shit crew? so always move up your crew, if you want to keep a tank 2 options train the crew before hand in another tank like hellcat, or just train in the tank you kept it is fully elited and fully pimped so it aint half bad
  5. we did have T32 at one point but that changed fast. it used to be a thing with old accuracy and generally better arty. but aint even close to viable any more.
  6. honestly i also blame a few unicums for this alot. Bia is pretty much only worth it if you are at over 350% crew skills basicly bia+perk+(repair or camo). im closing in on 100 diffrent tanks played and about 3 have ever had bia. there are so many other skills that are crucial.
  7. very true indeed. i can hit most of the time 60-65% win rate solo in any tier but tier 10 at tier ten i usually hit 55%. and atm tier 9 seems to be my sweet spot, nearly getting 70% in some tanks. tier 10 battles usually has just so much more hp that doing 6k in tier 8 or 9 is nice but tier 10 it aint all that fancy. but in general when playing solo your winrate will drop but wn7 will increase(no platoon mate carrying to victory but because he is not there you will most of the time deal more dmg than average). and then the reverse when you are platooning. i play a lot wit
  8. i would really only do what carbon suggested in a tank you like, and a tank that does not suffer from commander death syndrome. but getting crew skills up to 120% is kind a huge and the spall liner will protect the crews quite alot with jack of all trades making the ditch of med kit to Cola(10% crew bonus) viable.
  9. I dont get rerolls at all. losing all those great crews and starting over. 60 days stats are just made for this to cheack out how you are doing atm and compere to overall where you where at. not to mention if you reroll and you are under 70% winrate and 2k wn7 raiting, you are just bad.
  10. Top tier clans in eu atm will want a unicum player so 1700+ wn7 and 55%-60% victory rate as a player the tank part depends if you got bat,t57,t-62a then those are enough but if you got worse tanks like is-7 then you need more tanks. for example when i applied for EFE they only ask how many tanks do i have,(they knew i was a great player so i got that covered allready), and i said 6, result was insta Kick for one inactive player and invite for me. and now im at 8 tanks atm, and at the end of this month i will be at 11.
  11. get overall 70% victory rate hit 2.4k wn7 raiting overall get a Foch155 get over 1k average exp thats about it
  12. in that example the 640 gun for me is clear winner, way less exposure time but still shooting at a decent rate to not get overwhelmed
  13. Very true go check out eviljoe over at EU he has nearly 100k battles an like 4k WGR raiting. atm it seems that once you get 10k battles under your belt it will show your real WGR raiting after that battles played will not help you
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