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  1. Firefighter415 for intentionally drowning his E100 at the start of the match, which was on Fjords. If he hadn't done that we probably would have won.
  2. Why is the T-44-122 on there? As far as I know it's impossible to buy.
  3. I actually really liked it before the buff, and I think the buff went a little far. High mobility, loads of armor, and better gun handling make it kind of ridiculous when top tier. Stomps IS-6s all day now, and tier 7s are completely helpless against it. Some of the stronger gold rounds can give you trouble, but with the side armor buff it's less of an issue. Bounced 3k damage 3 games in a row, and about 3/4 of that was gold rounds.
  4. I picked the T95E6, and I actually like it. I am running food, so the DPM and gun handling aren't exactly low, when compared to other tanks that aren't using food. I have very rarely burned, mostly from arty HE pens. It does get racked if shot in the LFP area, even through the tracks, so I run large repair kit. The armor, while unreliable, is good for a lot of frontal bounces, sometimes even from TD guns. Having a 120mm lets you overmatch the M103's hull roof, as well as anything else under 40mm. All in all, it *is* a bad tank, but it can be fun to play. If WG gave it an engine power bu
  5. TBH one of the people on there deserves it. Only one of them though. Shouldn't be that hard to figure out who.
  6. Not surprised. Before the patch it was probably the best tier 4 for scouting by far. After the patch it can't even do that. Seriously, who looks at one of the worst-performing tier 4s and says "hey, this needs a massive nerf"? There's a reason I sold it after over 700 games in it, with a 3 skill crew, the moment they changed it. When you can't pen 3/4 the tanks you face, with flat shots to the rear with gold, there's a big fucking problem. Actually ran into an issue with that on the test server for that patch, had an AFK tiger that I ran out of ammo trying to kill from behind. Did
  7. Yeah, RIP old M5. Was basically the best tier 4 light ingame, with stupidly high speed, -20 depression, and the best VR of its tier except for a few broken TDs. Then they removed the top engine, the 75mm derp, 20m viewrange, and most of the gun depression. And it was already one of the most-hated tier 4s before one of the biggest nerfs to any tank ever happened.
  8. The E5 is probably going to lose the ammo rack/gun/loader at least once in that engagement though. Likely other crew as well. So even if he wins he's completely crippled for the rest of the match.
  9. Joebob73

    M7 guidance!

    3marked it ez. 380 VR, high mobility, and high DPM on a tier 5 med, which gets high pen APCR as well is very effective against bads and noobs. Which is most of what you see in tier 5-7.
  10. I think it had the top engine removed in the same patch that added the M41/T49. Because it used to be faster than the Chinese M5A1.
  11. If it gets anything close to IRL reload speed it'll be a super E-25. Totally balanced, amirite?
  12. This guy. I managed to flip my tank, so he spends half the game trying to flip me back over. Finally gets it right at the end, still manages top damage.
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