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  1. "Articmisery" can go rot in hell. This ass pushes me around the whole match and when I do manage to get by him (in an AT2, so how slow is that?) he runs around me and does it again. Fired a couple shots into him to warn him off, but no avail. Enemy finally shot him for me before killing me. Douche bag has over 14k battles and sucks ass. Why do these people even play the game if they are not going to play it halfway right? http://tanks.noobmeter.com/player/na/articmisery/1004028961/ http://wotlabs.net/sig_dark/na/articmisery/signature.png
  2. What kind of ping are you getting compared to what you were getting in NA?
  3. This game is addicting...I ending up playing it all day and got on WOT just to get the 15K xp mission and play a couple games with the clan mates, then going back to it. Thanks again for the heads up.
  4. Thanks for the heads up about this game. Downloading it now to try it out.
  5. I think the M3 Lee still has a bad rap. Sure left a bad taste in my mouth. But then, so did the KV-1 and you stomped with it. So what do I know? I would vote for the M3 Lee though. Put up another polling question for choosing the tank. *I would also say no equipment that can be bought as gold. Running colas and such will invalidate all data to the average pubbie.
  6. I play from about 11:30 am onward worst. I know I am more than likely not who you are looking for, but I am getting better. If I am on, I am in the wotlabs in-game chat.
  7. Listing this logic means that you have either: 1) Taken Psych 101 in college/university (Applies to me) 2) Have a psych degree (Does not apply to me) 3) Have been to a psych for your own problems and they taught you this. (This last one applies to me also . . . rage issues)
  8. I do not know the exact name of the mod, but it is part of many mod packs. I use Anfields and it is part of that, so you might check out his thread on the official forums and see if he has it listed. Edit: This is what he lists, do not know if it is the official name or not. Received Damage Announcer
  9. I was in my Tiger (P) last night and had a comet get on my flank. He fired several (I lost count, but at least 6) gold rounds into my side. Anfields mod pack also uses the round indicator so I know who and what is firing at me. So yeah, the gold rounds are aplenty. That being said, I am thinking about switching back to nothing but gold in my IS-6. You cannot afford the long aim times when everyone is spamming gold at you. And even with all gold, you can still make over 50k a match in it.
  10. IS-7 is my Achilles heel. I do not know what it is, but I cannot pen the suckers from the front in my T110E5. Your post just reminded me of this, so I need to go and brush up on the weak spots before I play again. Thanks for the reminder.
  11. Since I have starting posting a bit more, here is my ugly mug after playing a long gaming session. My wife snapped this in 2007.
  12. I went back to grind the medium American line and I think the Jumbo is a stat padders dream. 840 exp DMG, It is easy to get 2-3 times this every game. I sold mine when buying the T20 the other day, but the couple of days I played it, my wn8 was jumping pretty good.
  13. I now think I am going to start calling purple players and platoons eggplants. Thank you for this. Or Potato's because potato's can be purple as well. But in all seriousness, there is an obvious difference. I get that I am the minority here and that nothing will change (and maybe it shouldn't, PC is mostly ridiculous now-a-days), but I believe I have at least made myself aware enough that I can choose to say something different if the occasion arises again.
  14. So, I came across something yesterday while playing and I have to just mention it. We all have questioned (and probably said something in game chat) why do reds and oranges platoon together? I play with Anfields mod pack which is using the WN8 color scale and numbers. I saw a platoon of two black players and thus typed out in chat "What is it with black players platooning together?" and hit "enter" before realizing what I had written. There was no response to me (as I was probably put on ignore list), but it got me to thinking. Why not choose another color other than black? I know this
  15. So, does already bored of this study translate into uninstalling this "broken unfair" mod? I think it is only sad if people start to rely on these mods, not those who are testing them to see if it is something we have to worry about or not. But, if someone who is trying to get better and improve does see that uni's are running these mods all the time, I can certainly see the possibility of them turning to the mods themselves and not truly learning how to play the game. Please, to Meizrin, worst and others, do not continue to use these mods past the "science" of the them. Stay uni
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