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  1. :rage:WOOF

    1. Pinkamena_Kerensky


      Keep talking like this and someone's going to take you home~

    2. KruggWulf
  2. I'm usually content to lurk but I must say I love the last set of replays. It has been both humbling and inspiring to watch you work. You've re-ignited my interest in learning how to play and I can't thank you enough for that. Also, terribly sorry if this comes across as stalker behavior - but I've noticed you've played a couple of battles in the T-100 LT. How do you like it thus far? And is there any chance you'll play the WZ-132-1 in the future?
  3. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, but it's an interesting new development regardless. Perhaps Wargaming will release other fictional Premium vehicles for other regions in the future if these two tanks prove successful as products.
  4. Ranked Battles are also to be made available in 9.19 Supertest. There is a running theme in this patch - everything you've never wanted or cared about is being developed in earnest.
  5. A search for Garbad on wotreplays yields some recently-uploaded results. He also appears to have re-joined -G- at some point in the past month and his account's performance seems consistent with his history. I'm excited at the prospect of his return.
  6. A furry is someone who has a fursona and wears a fursuit. They might want to yiff. All should be clearer now.
  7. Though I've run into a lot of new players in my tier III-V matches, I've failed to notice any difference with regards to team performance. Which may or not be a good thing.
  8. Hello, greetings, salutations and how-do-you-dos. I'm Pinkamena and I mostly play Light Tanks - or just really crappy Medium Tank-wannabes, as people sometimes tell me. I live in HUEHUEHUE and attend to a graduation course in HUEHUEHUE at HUEHUEHUE technical college. I'll keep this introduction brief. One day I was happily playing WoT, doing my usual pubbie stuff, thinking pubbie thoughts and dying horribly like a pubbie (something I was only rarely called out for) when I decided to check out the official forums. You know, in hopes of lessening the badness which comprises the essence of m
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