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  1. Roster is full. Requirements updated. #AWFULconfirmedDead
  2. "The story of dirtdoge's forsaking of us all. - By _C00KIE, esq." At first I was like: Then I was like: Then I was like: Finally I was like:
  3. Welcome back Stiltzin! Hopefully you're the first of many returning prodigals. I feel you man. Also AWFUL is recruiting. Come talk to me. o7
  4. But I thought you preferred pedocartoons over the real thing?
  5. So... this happened yesterday... 1) Politely asked Galatia to tone down shitpoasting. 2) Galatia responds with several-pages-long rambling manifesto. (I didn't actually read it, but the closing paragraph basically says I'm simply an uncultured swine if I don't understand his glorious contributions to society.) 3) Galatia banned from AWFUL forums & TS. 4) Much rejoicing in TS commenced. 5) Warned Clan to be suspicious of unexpected packages in mail.
  6. The extra raft was just to haul those guys massive balls. And seriously Turegum, you had to post that damn cat AGAIN?? I've seriously got the willies.
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