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  1. Roster is full. Requirements updated. #AWFULconfirmedDead
  2. "The story of dirtdoge's forsaking of us all. - By _C00KIE, esq." At first I was like: Then I was like: Then I was like: Finally I was like:
  3. Welcome back Stiltzin! Hopefully you're the first of many returning prodigals. I feel you man. Also AWFUL is recruiting. Come talk to me. o7
  4. But I thought you preferred pedocartoons over the real thing?
  5. So... this happened yesterday... 1) Politely asked Galatia to tone down shitpoasting. 2) Galatia responds with several-pages-long rambling manifesto. (I didn't actually read it, but the closing paragraph basically says I'm simply an uncultured swine if I don't understand his glorious contributions to society.) 3) Galatia banned from AWFUL forums & TS. 4) Much rejoicing in TS commenced. 5) Warned Clan to be suspicious of unexpected packages in mail.
  6. The extra raft was just to haul those guys massive balls. And seriously Turegum, you had to post that damn cat AGAIN?? I've seriously got the willies.
  7. WotLabs is fail@youtube Do you love irony? Do you feed on pubbie tears? Do you hate people who treat pixel tonks like serious business? Does the new CW 2.0 meta got you down? Are you an "up and coming" tanker looking to hone your skills amongst grizzled vets? AWFUL is just a bunch of laid-back guys who play to win, but don't want a game to be our second job. We toon, play tournaments and stronk for fun. We occasionally perform drunken raids onto the shores of the Global Map and lay waste to scrubs, but we never stay. Because CW sucks. Duh.
  8. Dammit you're right. But, you forgot to precede your correction with "Um, actually... " No points awarded. Sorry. Updated my post. That's the last time I will make the mistake of listening to Carbonated Pork. #CarbonatedPorkCan'tMeltCookie'sDreams j/k, <3 u porkie!
  9. Top 2500 Player + Top 30 Clan + "Tank License" = Free Tank + Special Camo Top 2500 Player + Top 30 Clan + NO "Tank License" = Buy Tank w/ no camo Licenses get awarded by order of individual fame within the clan. If we stay in our current position, we'll get 45 "Licenses", but we only have about 30 guys participating.
  10. Current AWFUL players in Top 2500: 28 (33 on Fame board) Current FREE IS-5's AWFUL will earn: 45 (7th place) Extra free tonks available: (at least) 12 Looks like _knubby needs to start doing actual recruiting. ..... also, CW is ghey.
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