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  1. Batch 8 is done. Another poor lot. Really need to get some patience about my play. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/dus7l6mdxu3io/Batch_8
  2. This one went a lot better win wise, though I didn't feel I did a huge amount in them. I missed a couple of opportunities by not switching ammo types. The third and last games in particular. Also had one game where if I;d managed to do more damage I'd have survived for cleanup which would have been good. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ry1ncgu76f84f/Batch_7 Wins in all 5 though is very nice.
  3. This next batch is just fucking depressing. I need to be more patient and less passive when being patient (see Ruinberg derp). At the same time though, how the fuck do you be patient when your team is going down 0-6 within 3 minutes on a fucking city map? https://www.mediafire.com/folder/g7c7x1yc4qa1p/Batch_6
  4. OK, next batch up. Very up and down set this one, and another early arty oneshot included. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/64sz1cij6wccf/Batch_5 4 wins in this lot, but only one of those I really felt I helped much, and another I did OK in. The other two I was bad. Was also bad in the loss. Stats so far after 20 games: So 55% win rate and 1300 WN8. Under both my targets so far.
  5. Ugh, todays games were ugly as well. No funky graphic I'm afraid. Replays here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/jpt1ns505mju0/Batch_4 Game Summary: Game 1 - Abbey - did well here, was trying to use some of what I've seen Zeven talking about in this one and it worked. Game 2 - Live Oaks - I got balanced early on. Team was so ridiculously passive that the inevitable draw ensued. Guess I shouldn't have been camping. Game 3 - Ruinberg - I look at the lineups, and realise field is going to fall quite quickly. I mention this in the countdown, though there were only 1 or 2 ot
  6. Was not going the hill alone, there was a Bat and a T54 coming with. It was a tier 10 game. I can actually show you all the stupid in screenshots, to say you wasting time on the replay. At this point I should already be bailing and just follow the Object 140 - I need to be first across to make the hill rush work in a tier 10 game. But raging and decide fuck it I'm doing it anyways. I see two tanks that could potentially hurt my ability to get up there, and keep going anyways... I could have still pulled out at this point, but still rage derping. Really in this situat
  7. I really shouldn't start these batches when raging, it results in horrible derps. One day I'll actually manage to gett to the hill on Mines without some fuckwit getting in the way, one day I will.... Replays at (pls dun watch first 2 - I disgrace my famiry) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3myzmlpwea1bz/Batch_3
  8. Are you using stats to measure tangible improvement in your game, or to try and get a high score? If the former, then it really doesn't matter, as if you stop playing with those guys you'd end up questioning whether any stat improvement was purely that or if you've actually improved. If it's the other then you really need to work out how important that high score is.
  9. @ Construction - yeah currently very bad at that, especially as I'm not very experienced with HE, so don;t really have a good understanding of what to aim at yet. @ Poli - yeah, I think I really missed out on opportunities to do this on Airfield. @Prolix - it is a very fun tank, and different enough that you get the joys of unlocking how it works on all the maps, which I enjoy.
  10. Ironically so far its the short range shots I've had more RNG misses on that long range, even fully aimed (small sample size). Anyways, next batch did not go well. And replays at: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/c4xrwex3y87hc/Batch_2
  11. So I got this crazy little tank over the weekend, and promptly tanked - couldn't do well in it at all - I think I won 1 out of my first 8 games or so in it. I'm starting to come around a bit with it now, from 17 games (including the first 5 challenge games) I have 35% WR and 1436 WN8 in it. I'm really enjoying the tank and the different way it plays, and the process of re-learning where to go on maps to make best use of its abilities, so I thought I may as well to a 100 game challenge in it to see if I can improve. My goal is 56% win rate and 1800 WN8 - we'll see how I go. I intend to
  12. I'm enjoying this tank. It feels competitive to drive, though I'm sure it will struggle in 10s. Dat gun depression is pretty sweet. If the new Frenchies playing like this I'll be a happy camper.
  13. You can always reverse side scrape to avoid exposing the pike nose as long as the enemy aren't going to be charging you soon.
  14. Just some feedback on the flow of the article Marine, I had a little cognitive dissonance for some reason in the switch from the more theory based talking about Karelia to the play example being on Mountain Pass. I probably skim read the text that mentioned Mountain Pass initially because I assumed the next part would continue talking about Karelia. Not sure if sticking with the same map would make the article better or worse.
  15. No optics seems strange - haven't really looked too heavily into the 251 yet though - care to explain the reasoning a bit?
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