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  1. Screw the x5. When is the next crew retraining sale?! I'm cheap I don't want to pay full price

  2. I too would be willing to make this kind of sacrifice...
  3. I was gonna say I didn't even know there were people who thought otherwise... Not their style? sure. Think its bad? Wah??
  4. Playing thru this tank now. Free xp'd the gun, have unlocked the turret & tracks. Running GLD, Rammer, Binocs. According to wotlabs playing it at a (meaningless) 2864wn8. The title for this thread basically sums up the tank. It is 100% meh. In fact the only negatives I can think of are it's a little sluggish and it doesn't have any stand out (exploitable) positives. I certainly wouldn't free xp thru the tank (minus the gun. Took one look at the stock gun and gladly free xp'd the top gun) but there is also no way I would keep this tank. Among the T7 meds I have played here's how I
  5. RIP me. Just realized I could click the time of the post in Unread Content to go straight to it. I've been clicking the topic and then having to scroll to the end o.O

    1. KingYoshiLuca


      euh. oh.

      I guess.

      that's kinda good to know..

  6. Can't watch the vid as I am at work. But legit? I don't have to lift a finger because I had the FV4202? Sweeeeeeet
  7. Personally I hate anything sub t6 and try to avoid playing below that. But as others above said T5 is tier where at least SOME of how the battle plays out is like high tiers.... other than the wall of crimson you'll see on the team lists...
  8. Most arty shotgun shots (kills <75 meters away) in a game. Provide replay for confirmation.
  9. This thread was a depressing read from start to finish. 2/10
  10. Buying Conq since it's on sale. Is it now serviceable stock with the AX turret? Or should I still wait until I can free xp the top gun?

    1. zapyoug


      The turret wasn't the issue with the stock conq, it was the terribly anemic gun.

      It is absolutely lovely though once you upgrade it however.

  11. Surprisingly, actually enjoying the VK4502a. Played from stock (w/ long 88) just got all the modules unlocked.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Its not terrible, its just not good either.

      It needs some mobility and gun handling buffs to justify not having tiger2's gun.

    2. Smbakeresq


      It's a decent medium at tier.  It can't heavy well, but it does well against others.  I was surprised at the bounces you can get.

  12. Does the new 122 for the su101 replace the top 100 on test server?

  13. Smoked a Ghurka Centurian on the way to work this morning. And thought 'ooo I'll write up a review on this thread!' Realized after I finished the cigar my review would read like this: So I will leave the reviews to you guys evidently my palate is as sensitive as andrew dice clay.
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