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  1. Deliberate practice being the foundation of all skill growth. So, what to practice, and how to practice it? I'm fairly good at gunnery, but what are the other aspects of proficiency at this game, for of course there are others, and how best to practice them?
  2. In case it wasn't obvious from map381's signature... http://www.warships.today
  3. It's so much fun to pump APCR into people's front plates from beyond draw range and watch them get butthurt. It's also super mobile for arty, easily on a par with any same tier heavy tank, and better in many cases.
  4. As I've said before, the FCM is one of the best teaching tanks out there; you have to be cautious and careful, because you're a huge ammo rack on treads, but you also have to stay in the fight because the alpha of the thing is so pitiful, and you have to keep the gun working if you want to get anything done. In short, it teaches you to ride the razor's edge.
  5. I was JUST messing around with this on the test server. I was in a circle fight with a guy, whipped a hand brake turn on him and BOOM. This new physics system is a HUGE buff for the ELC.
  6. Stop telling lies. Its fine. Not great, but fine. We just need more players, and this sort of uninformed comment doesn't help.
  7. Yet in warplanes, as in tanks, the key is to know when to be a sneaking, backstabbing coward and when to charge in, fangs out.
  8. Covered California has what is probably the most colossally shitty website of any government agency I've ever seen. Which is really saying something.

  9. My official, pubbie shitlord verdict on the Panther 88 is that it is Not As Bad As All That. It's not great. It's arguable as to whether it's even good. But it's not bad.
  10. The Law of French Tank Armor: The armor of a French tank is always utterly unreliable, except when it is you who are attacking said French tank, in which case, every other shot is some weird troll bounce.
  11. First, care to enumerate some? Second, again, my shot-per-game number is already in the toilet compared to yours. Why should I care about a rammer when my average time-between-shots is so much more than the reload time anyway?
  12. You raise a good point, BUT... You know as well as I do that the main problem that yellows/greens have is keeping their gun hot. So who cares whether I run a rammer when I take maybe ten shots a game anyhow? I've played enough matches to have a decent appreciation for the technical aspects of this game, and I feel that my main limitations are decision-making, patience, map awareness, player psychology, and understanding of game flow, things that apply in games of all kinds. I've just never been very good at games in general, and I'd like to change that. I could be wrong about all this,
  13. I think that RBS made an excellent case against the rammer. DPM is already not the E50's strong suit. Why try to pretend you can change that? Crap plus ten percent is 110% crap. RBS's thesis is that it's more important to maximize the effect of your fire than the volume for its own sake. Again, the E50's volume-of-fire is crap. It will always be crap. But it DOES have really great accuracy, vision, and gun handling. You can bring your hull and gun around and engage a target at edge of view range very rapidly. It's one of the best tanks for doing that. Dropping the rammer in favor of
  14. This thing is great fun in any match you might get into, but it's hard for an ordinary pubscrub like myself to be effective in it in tier ten when EVERYONE out-views you. In that sense, it fails as a premium because in at least 1/3 of the matches you'll get into, you aren't going to be able to keep the gun working and making money for you. It occurs to me that in tier 10s, I should probably try playing it as a WZ-132 with a thyroid problem.
  15. Many countries still use the Leo 1, T-54, Type 59, and later Pattons. South Africa uses rebuilt Centurions. Hell, Egypt just got General Dynamics to rebuild their T-54 fleet with new turrets mounting the L7 gun, which I find to be a hilarious irony.
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