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  1. Covered California has what is probably the most colossally shitty website of any government agency I've ever seen. Which is really saying something.

  2. Fired my dad's Garand the other day. Easily the best gun I've ever used.

    1. shwedor


      Have you ever used the Springfield M1A / M14 / M21?

    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      M14 is more convenient to me. I hate how the rod in the M1 always gets bent

    3. Johnny_Wishbone


      I have not had that pleasure. In my area, black rifles are the preferred tools, but they just don't do it for me. I'm a little young to be a bolt-gun curmudgeon, but that's how it was going until I shot this thing. Low recoil, good sights, ridiculously easy to be accurate with. I suppose the M-14 is even better.

  3. If you're playing on the test server and your team does something pants-on-head stupid, don't stress. It's equally likely the other team has done something just as dumb, if not more so.

  4. American Mediums. The Comfort is real.

  5. Other than the Fatton vs. T-62/140 comparison, how do the US and Russian medium lines compare to each other?

    1. Drunken_Walrus


      T20>shitters, Persh=416>T44, Patton>T54=4302. Anything below that is irrelevant.

    2. Flametz


      I'll finish. T-34/85 ~ E8 (depends on MM, 85mm better against tier 7-8, E8 best at top tier).

  6. Starting my trip to the T-55 today. Hope it's worth it.

  7. So people are now campaigning to get the county animal shelter to go no-kill. What is the shelter's response? Increase kill rates by nearly 50%. Brilliant.

    1. TheMarine0341


      People never adopt from the no-kill shelters. They all go to the kill shelters to save the animals. Why adopt from a no-kill when you know the animal is safe?

    2. rojo180


      Saved my Dog 1 day before it was going to be put down. she is now 12 :) <3 Siberian Huskies.

  8. Figures. Just as I'm about to give up on the 50-100, it starts to click for me.

  9. Grinding the Sturer Emil. My stats weren't great to begin with, but even so... Goodbye, stats.

  10. Many of the jobs I'm applying for have at the top of the ad: MUST BE ABLE TO PASS DRUG TEST. Makes you wonder about the usual quality of the general applicant...

    1. RutgerS


      So, you have to take drugs to get the job?

    2. s!Gm4


      You have to have drugs to bribe the interviewers.

  11. Warplanes is a lot more fun than most folks realize. It's not perfect, but on the whole, it's far less frustrating than tanks.

    1. How_Terrible


      I like it because I can potato, and not give damn about it.

  12. Officially burned-out on tanks. Uninstalled to make room for some flight sims I haven't touched in a while. I'll probably be back, but I need some distance.

  13. Seriously thinking of uninstalling for a few weeks. Really frustrating games tonight.

    1. RutgerS


      And here I am, sitting on a 100% WR the past 2 days.

  14. Don't understand the hate for HESH as premium ammo. So you don't have a HEAT round for that one-in-30 situation where you NEED to pen a Maus, but you DO have something that can WRECK the sides of most mediums and the backs of most heavies.

    1. Sorphius


      Until you hit the track or a sideskirt.

    2. Sorphius


      HEAT is at least relatively reliable. HESH requires a penetration to actually work, and the ~120mm or so most t10 HESH rounds have just isn't sufficient to reliably do the job unless you're either up close and personal, or are a VERY good shot. Even if you manage to pen 7 out of 10 HESH hits, those two that you don't are going to rob you of ~1000 damage that you would have otherwise gotten with a different type of shell.

    3. Shade421


      or the "gun" of a wt, from the back of the open turret, that does 12 damage. i think the only thing i use the 4202 hesh for is french heavies. only thing i consistently get pens on.

  15. As PeanutFly said, playing on Test is easy to the point that it's like kicking puppies.

  16. I know it's just the test server but still, this was a good game... http://i.imgur.com/12Ibu22.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Johnny_Wishbone


      Yeah. I'm convinced that all the Russian players are drunk twelve year-olds.

    3. Necator


      Drunk, yes. Not necessarily 12. Maybe their COMPUTER is, though.

      Also, WHAT?! Teams not composed of 99% tier 8 lights? nowai.

    4. Burdenedfungus


      TIL people actually use overwolf

  17. It's official. I just... don't... LIKE the BatChat. I just don't. I know I'm supposed to, but I just don't. :(

    1. macrossfighter


      Dat poor gun handling. Dat lack of accuracy. Dat rear-mounted turret.

      I don't blame you.

    2. Scout_in_da_house


      Enough other med options at tier X :)

    3. Johnny_Wishbone


      All of which can be forgiven, in my mind, if it didn't have the turning circle of a crude oil tanker. All of those things I could forgive if the Bat Chat could dance, but it can't. All its good for is butthugging a dying E-100 and unloading the clip into it.

  18. I *want* to like the BatChat, but I'm having a hard time finding qualities in it that appeal to me.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. westybig


      so i can avergae 2000 dpg in a tier ten tank at this maakes me a noob? ok

    3. Scout_in_da_house


      averaging 2k in something that can unload that in one clip isn't exactly pro ;)

    4. westybig


      oh for gods sake....im talking about the object 140. but whatever ive never claimed to be good at this game christ

  19. Looks like Test 9.3 is up. Downloading the client now.

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    2. RealBattousai


      Dlur: kk thx, RIP my bandwidth at home then :(

    3. Johnny_Wishbone


      You MIGHT. You'd have to have a big, honking thumbdrive to do it, though. Download the test server onto your work PC, then go to the root install folder and look for the "Updates" folder. Grab EVERYTHING in there. It'll be about ten gigs. Then, go home, start the download, then stop it, close the launcher, go to the root install folder on your PC, find the "Updates" folder, and drop all that crap in, and restart the launcher. I have never tried this, so I don...

    4. Dlur


      That should work in theory Johnny.

  20. Really getting into the swing of my PTA. I've never had a tank that was such a pure, unalloyed pleasure to drive.

    1. SoliDeoGloria


      leo 1 has better gun handling, more gun depression, and faster reload. I'm sure you'll enjoy it more.

    2. Johnny_Wishbone


      Only ~210,000 xp to go until I get *that* one...

  21. ~75% WR last night 'tooning with some clanmates. Is there any reason to solopub, at all?

    1. RutgerS


      Because you still have terrible tanks to grind?

    2. s!Gm4


      Stronghold for grinding terrible tanks :)

      You still win in 8/10 cases.

  22. Lying in bed. Can't sleep. Want to play tonks, but cat sitting on legs. She's the violent one. What do?

    1. Deusmortis


      Kick with great force. Attempt to impart escape velocity. If she gets mad, bite back. Be the alpha.

    2. shwedor


      Buy a vicious dog that isn't scared of cats and is very hungry.

  23. Fuck yeah, got my PTA!!!

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