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  1. Need explanation plz.


    WotLabs stats show stats in individual tanks for bajillions of games, but still only 330 "total". In game says about the same, 339 games. Wha?

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      cant you ask for an account reset but keep the prems. Pretty sure kolni did this 

    2. PityFool


      I ran into that exact same guy. His account has been reset, they let you keep the reward tanks and premiums.

  2. The spike is nationwide, it varies from place to place. I've been checking NYT daily because they have a (non-paywall) huge, consolidated data page they update constantly that even shows you hot spots and places of decline. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-us-cases.html It's been a little different than I expected; I pictured it flatlining for a while and then gradually going back up, instead it flatlined for a while but then spiked hard core, nearly as steeply as the first time. The weekly cycle just has to do with reporting. Something about they don't report it until they actually get tests back from labs, so there's a spike on Monday or something. It's just like I said, Americans are bored of it now. For all practical purposes it's uncontainable given the lack of fucks given by too many people. Imagine being elderly and realizing how little any one cares about you.
  3. My first thought looking through the first list was a bunch of the items should be consolidated, like the forward and backward transmission speed improvements. This does actually look pretty good. You'll be able to really compensate for the inherent problems many tanks have instead of just slapping double optics or vents on. My first thought is tanks like the TOG, Matilda BP or PZ IV S, which will be like brand new tanks with a turbo booster. Getting a hugely buffed version of ammo rack might make the FV201 playable. This will bring a lot of vehicles out of mothballs. And we'll still have camo net for the heavy tanks, so all the morons will be satisfied too. Oh snap, I just noticed they removed the Improved Aiming Unit option from artillery. DONE, IT'S GOOD, SHIP IT EDIT: FRACK they gave arty the improved rotation thingy that reduces bloom and increases traverse. YOU WERE SO CLOSE, WG
  4. WG's new monetization plan should be to show every one a new idea like this one and then put up one of those giant charity drive thermometers. If the players donate enough money to reach the threshold they don't implement it.
  5. Still bad. Still get chased down by last dumbass in medium tank. Crazy 2.0 Equipment comes and breaks the game this thing is getting the turbocharger and maybe it'll finally be playable. I don't even understand how it moves so slow; it has decent horsepower, soft stats and top speed, it just won't go.
  6. The players have gotten "worse" in that the bots have gotten just good enough it's harder to tell. I've played some games in the early morning lately, and at mid tier there is a river of bot accounts all with bland, short names, all using the Excelsior to spam games and literally no games in any other vehicles. I shit you not I've seen as many as 5 in one game at a time, more than once. I see them at high tier too, but they shoot and do enough that unless you watch very closely and notice their gun moving too smoothly for a human for too long you can't differentiate them from the grade school horde that invaded after covid. We all used to joke about when the bots someday get better than the pubbies, but it's more like a blending. 46%ers using bots that can play at 42% level when they're away resulting in rivers of 43%-45% win rates.
  7. oboy oboy everyone ready for arty 2.0? No more useless 3rd slot, you can get an enhanced accuracy scope for +9% accuracy! 0.71 is now 0.64! Fuck everything!
  8. I mean... I play light tanks 100% to get Campinovka, sit in one bush, and laugh at dumbasses blowing up like it's the 4th of July.
  9. There's a good idea buried in all of this, but like so many of the game's problems it's not the idea... it's the fact WG employees don't know their own game well enough to get the fine tuning right. Ultimately they'll settle on some numbers that range from too little to too much, every one will gravitate to the "too much" equipment, and that'll be the end of it. For example, they split the obviously too powerful vertical stabilizer into "rotation" and "turret + movement" when people who aren't awful at this game will tell you the latter is way better than the former. They should have split it into "movement" and "turret", but they just don't understand the game on that level. They even started with 15%/25% on rotation and 20%/23% on move/turret. They gave the weaker piece worse numbers because their intuition about the game is so lousy. (EDIT: on the test server vertical stabilizer says "traverse and movement" in some places and "traverse, movement, and turret" in others. Only TDs get a specialized item for reducing bloom on traverse only. I now have no idea what vert actually does or what they intend it to do...) I do hope some new stuff might make dedicated light scouting viable and interesting at least.
  10. What do we want to do? Simplify the choice and use of all equipment "Now scroll down to form 7C marked, 'light tanks tier 4-6' and write in your gross credit total. Reference chart B13 to find what your base camo value within a bush is and divide by improved camo net values to find your net camoflague values while in water while being observed with improved binocs from a tank destroyer."
  12. So. You get Province at higher tiers now. Brilliant.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      Province up to tier 7

    3. Snoregasm2


      So not high tiers then.

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      I had this thing banned right after it came back, it's literally just as bad as the original. I unbanned it reasoning it was only tier 2-3 anyway, and immediately got stuck there in a tier 7. It's an abomination, at least the old version was low tier only.

  13. What's weird is this thing is actually good for frontline. Its armor is really good against same tier tanks if you stick to hilly terrain thanks to lots of auto bounce angles, its cross country speed is good to get around, pen does the job, pretty agile. Gun handling could be better for long range, but the accuracy is good.
  14. I mean, in all seriousness this fuckstick runs the FCM and T34 with a bot program for credits. You don't go 40% in a mediocre tier 8 to 48% in a mediocre tier 6. The game is now riddled with botting assholes like this, which is probably why win rates are all so ridiculously low now.
  15. The game is overrun with bots now. They're more subtle than they used to be, they move and shoot. The only way you can really tell is if you watch one closely; they move their turrets mechanically smooth. Sometimes you notice them because two of them (not in a platoon) will both take the exact same route and then sit against a wall, even when that route leads them to some corner no one ever goes. Add it to the list, I guess.

    1. sohojacques


      We had a recent run on the Asia servers where you’d have 6-10 bots per side in tier 8. Each team‘s bots would gather  in a random location on the map and mill about like a herd of lost sheep. Led to some epic farming.

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