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  1. Jesse_the_Scout

    AMX 13 57 - worth?

    When they do trot it out they usually have a package for the tank only in addition to the usual bloated bundles. I'm pretty sure it's never gone for less than $26 for the tank only, even back when it was new and bad.
  2. Jesse_the_Scout

    AMX 13 57 - worth?

    I'd get it in a heartbeat were it a reasonable price, but I'm not doing this $26 cash only bullshit. You could pick up quite a few good tier 8 premiums for effectively $15 each over Christmas.
  3. "Is this Defender really stupid enough to drive off this cliff just to chase my light tank?"

    "Hahaha, he's really going to do it!"

    0 damage

    WoT 2016+

    1. hazzgar


      People really want to kill lights recently

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      On the plus side we did eventually pick him apart and win. But I swear to god if I had made the drop he did I would have lost half my health.

  4. Jesse_the_Scout

    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    I don't know what game people are playing when they talk about using HE or HESH, the game I play there's too much fucking 1.0 eye candy garbage littering most of the maps to get a shot on anything anyway. The last time a fencepost turned a 320 damage shot into 0 was when I stripped HE off virtually all of my tanks.
  5. Jesse_the_Scout

    Patch 1.4 Notes - Supertest 1st Iteration

    Finally played one on the test server. Got Empire's Border, which is almost a worst case scenario. Just drove around like a dipshit for 10 minutes, did 2500 damage and 1500 spotting shooting AP while the team slowly died. As long as you're hauling it's almost impossible to hit you. You can circle a heavy to death if he can't get to a wall to block his back. The DPM is so bad you'll have a lot of time to react to one, but these things are going to be classic, grade A, WG-style cancer. The Sonic memes are going to cranked to 11 when 1.4 hits.
  6. Jesse_the_Scout

    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    It's like they finally added a vehicle branch specifically for the purpose of jumping the shark.
  7. Odds of getting the last ornament: 96.9%. Guess the result?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hellsfog


      I had one I got on the 10th try for an ornament that only two possible outcomes. 

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      I had seven tries at a one out of three ornament.


      Didn't get it.  I guess i'm not getting that fireworks skin, rip

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      I'm guessing they use the same garbage RNG system for the ornaments as they do for the rest of the game because I saw several freak anomalies that should almost never happen, even when I was just making 20-30 ornaments. The system clearly gets "stuck" and just keeps shitting out the same ornament over and over at times. The worst I saw was a 1/3 odd situation produce the same ornament 6 times in a row which is about 0.14% likely to happen. I saw streaks of that nature 3 times in only 40-50 tries.

  8. Oh my god, it's a true Christmas miracle. WG now allows you to change your email address without sending them your firstborn child in triplicate long form.

    1. Hellsfog


      Did you have to link a phone number?

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      Considering it sent a code number to my phone, I'm guessing yes. I probably linked it at some point for the Twitch Prime thing.

    3. Never


      They still don't allow you to use less common TLDs like .email...

  9. Oh boy, more graphics you'll notice for 2-3 weeks and then will be filtered out by your brain as irrelevant noise.
  10. Before we all get too apocalyptic I think people need to keep in mind anything WG does to address the trash mechanic that is gold ammo is 98% likely to be a dumpster fire in the short run. They SHOULD have addressed gold ammo in this way 3 years ago, but they tried the armor inflation route instead and it didn't work. Now it will be twice as messy to fix because they made the wrong initial choice. But ultimately I'd still rather they pull the bandage off and clean out the wound than keep going with this gangrene-riddled limb until it finally has to be amputated. It's going to suck, but much as exactly as enough monkeys typing long enough will bang out Shakespeare, so too can WG fix* a problem with enough time once they actually want to. *and by "fix," I mean, "make somewhat better but why the fuck would you do it this way?"
  11. I don't see any reason not to make it a permanent mode. Sure, it's totally different-that's a good thing. You have two different games in one game now that appeals to a wider audience who can share the game together. It's more casual-GOOD, it should be. It gives players options of what they want to play. I know people that would absolutely play Frontline if they were even willing to try it, but the game has pissed them off so thoroughly over the years they won't even look at it again. Having a mode that doesn't require a masochistic streak of self-hatred to play could only be a good thing in the long run as it would appeal to more people without interfering with what's already in place. If Frontline were fully integrated into the game for tiers 5+ in some manner I'd play it a lot more than I'd play regular tanks for sure. My nerd rage hits 11/10 in regular mode, in frontline it never cracked a 6 at worst. What I've been saying is this is as far as they'll let Frontline go. It got repetitive because it was just a beta test. If the main game had stayed as a choice between M4, T-34, and Tiger all on Mines over and over again it would have gotten boring quick too. They could fully integrate it into the game as a basic mode: expand the tiers, refine the mechanics, make new maps, play around with it and make it the game tanks always should have been. But they won't do that, because the core of what makes the mode good is single tier spread. Single tier spread=no gold ammo, and at the end of the day pay to win probably makes more money than not pay to win. Instead Frontline is 50% off milk at the grocery store. Enough to get you in the door and walking down all the aisles to the back where they purposely place the milk so you see all the overpriced crap and hopefully grab something else.
  12. Yeah. The more I think about it the more I think "ew". WG time is literally 3-4 times as long as the time in our reality. It took them over two years to inflate all the armor from tier 8-10 which is only 3 tiers, unless they take it more seriously than usual it will take them years to deflate the entire game. Given that this rebalance has started with what, 5 tanks? And they're starting to rebalance when they haven't even finalized what the gold ammo solution is...? If this is the approach the whole thing is going to be a dumpster fire for a year at least. They need to to crank out 30+ new models per patch starting with the heavies, not hurpadurp grab 5 random tanks. Of course, it's WG. First patch notes will be "reduced damage of 90mm gun from 240 to 225, reduced damage of 105mm gun from 320 to 310" type nonsense that won't matter anyway.
  13. Better than not doing it again at all, but not impressed with the carrot dangling crap. But that's as good as it's going to get because there's no gold ammo sink. At least it will keep its novel feel to an extent and there will be a way to get through torture grinds like the Tiger II. Maybe someday I can suffer through to the E-50.
  14. This is why they've been talking about a huge rebalance in 1.5. If they change gold ammo by reducing its damage armor has to be nerfed across the board, particularly the heavies. They spent two years inflating the armor on everything to the point of absurdity even though it would trash the game, and now to finally nerf gold ammo they have to go back and basically undo everything. They're so used to hearing a drone about "killing the game" that they didn't know when they actually were.
  15. Jesse_the_Scout

    Fallout 76, Online Survival RPG ?

    After playing the game for a month my opinion is all the people throwing a bitch fit are being ridiculous. The level of bugs and glitches in the game is completely ridiculous, but other than that the game is great, I haven't had this much fun with a game for years. I'm probably at 100 hours at this point and still going strong, and the game is clearly still a framework for expanding, not a 100% finished experience. It plays as a single player game, it plays like a multiplayer game. It's part exploration, part survival, part construction set, part MMO, part RPG, part shooter, and there are a dozen ways they can expand and improve upon it as they continue development. I don't really know what people even apparently expected, if they hate Fallout 76 then they should have hated Fallout 4 since it's basically Fallout 4 but bigger, crazier, glitchier, and multiplayer.