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  1. Hit points reduced to 1500, hello next tier 8 premium.
  2. Every time I go back and try to suffer through the grind of this tank I always get triggered over the side gun depression. There is no fucking excuse for 1 degree across the sides. That alone makes the tank practically unplayable because I go to do the normal things I would do like pull out sideways to take a quick shot and find I can't even depress far enough to shoot a tank 50 feet away on flat ground. Worth noting the gun elevation is also crippling at 12 degrees, that's worse than AMX light autoloaders and is a real pain when you already have crippling depression over the side. This thing needs 1500 HPs and 380 view range to even begin to make it viable with such a terrible platform. A RoF and bloom buff on the 90mm would also be a good idea to give some options.
  3. Possible reasons they are doing it this way: HE needs to do something, and scaling up the damage could accomplish that. 400 vs 320 is the difference between 50 damage and 0 in a lot of situations. Might as well do all the rounds at the same time. Sabotaging the validity of stats probably not the worst thing that could ever happen in WG's eyes, since stat shit brings out the worst in a lot of players. It's a perfect way to do a lot of ninja nerfing of tanks in a way the pubbie brain cannot comprehend because it involves making comparisons. Expect bad tanks to get bigger HP boosts and good tanks to get less. There's probably some obscure law in some country no one's heard of in Europe that could be a problem if they reduced gold ammo damage, but won't apply if they make other ammo types do more. There's probably going to be some ammo price shell game. If they drop the advantage of gold ammo more people shoot AP=less need for premium account. Increasing the damage of the shells will give a pretext for disproportionate increases in AP shell price, and $5 says the credit cost per damage of AP will be higher when it's all said and done. If they just cut gold ammo damage they'd have to do a stark increase in AP costs and players would realize it and bitch. EDIT: elaborating on balancing, they basically have to nerf heavy tanks and other heavily armored vehicles if they nerf gold ammo. This is another reason they're doing it this way, because they're going to increase the HPs of armored vehicles less to balance out the cuts to gold ammo. If they just cut gold ammo damage they would need to reduce heavy tank HPs and baddies would bitch if their Defender got "nerfed" from 1500 to 1350.
  4. forum pubbies be like, "ugh another crappy german tier 5 premium" and i'm just lolololin'

    1. FavreFan4ever


      What do you appreciate about the vehicle? I'm not familiar with it at all.

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      Take a Pz III/IV, an average tier 5 tank

      Buff it overall

      Give it sheltered MM

      Congrats, you know have a Pz V/IV

      Oh yeah, and it's premium so credits, xp, crews

  5. Hoo boy. EDIT: Oh wait, it's 2019. 6 months from now he'll have 5 million followers and a 7 figure income explaining how MM is a globalist plot.
  6. 2019 and arty can still snap shot you behind 50% cover for 500 damage. And they wonder why no one plays anymore.

  7. Apparently we're done with armor creep premiums, now it's on to alpha creep.
  8. I made it almost 10 games before uninstalling in utter disgust this time, significant improvement from the usual 1-2. SEE YOU NEXT MONTH, TANKS!
  9. This game is finally one of those old MMOs where you haven't played in years... and when you finally log in you're immediately showered with a daily crate, the returning player MEGA crate, 2 special missions reminders, +300 Cow Coins, A Quantum bonus to gem rotations, and +30% to all prestige points for 24 hours.
  10. Hopefully they're doing this as some sort of test to look at the contrasts and discern what changes didn't work out. I can say the accuracy changes stand out, lower accuracy seems better overall to me. You actually have to aim now, and it limits long range fire effectiveness without all the brute force methods they employed like removing bushes and making maps into corridors. They were discussing making tanks unflippable, and old physics are better for that reason. They also did a gold ammo limit so they're probably monitoring how that effects the game. There are weak points too, it's funny how that used to be a vital part of the game and now it's 22 or get the fuck out.
  11. I was actually having fun with this and of course we can't have that... so now when I log in and try to play it says 150ms of latency but plays like 500ms.
  12. So I played a few... -Physics vastly improved, no more fear of flipping. -Arty can't drown themselves. -No gold ammo spam. -Shitlords can't snapshot you at 300m due to accuracy decrease; bloom matters a lot more. -Environments are nice and clean instead of cluttered where it's hard to aim and move. -Lower aimtimes across the board feels better. -Can't get gold so there's zero pay to win factor anywhere. -Extremely fast advancement as opposed to painfully long grinds to equip vehicles. -Lack of crew skill variety means no grinding for eternities to have a competitive crew. -Buffs to TDs countered by decreased accuracy and lower zoom which makes long range fire less effective. -No battle stats screen after game means you don't have to see how abysmal every one actually is. -Lack of mods keeps everything even. Now, there's a lot I think is a bad idea. Arty's too strong, tank balance seems rough, and I'm not sure why they changed graphic engines again, this one seems like a big downgrade. But overall, pretty good patch with a lot of overdue improvements.
  13. Is there something wrong with the WoTLabs data collection or is my survival rate for the past 1000 games actually 6.3%? I'm genuinely confused, as I'm not sure how that would be statistically possible.

    1. Kolni


      i've seen a whopping 2% survival rate of a 43%er in the EBR, it's totally possible :doge:

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      My overall survival is absurdly high because I've played a lot of mid tier. I went through a dozen other active players and there is a clear trend of massively lower survival rates in every one's last 1000 games overall. That's a pretty high sample that would imply something statistically significant. So either there's something wrong with the data tracking or something fishy as fuck at work.

  14. I can't help but see this as an attempt to try to contrast the old game with the new to remind every one of all the improvements they have made. The problem is so many of the improvements weren't improvements. The old physics where you were stuck to the ground were actually way better for gameplay because while they weren't realistic you also didn't have to constantly worry about flipping, falling, suicide bombers, or some fuck on your own team shoving you into water. 1.0 looked nice graphically but smoothing terrain made flipping even worse, while all the new eye candy crap littering the maps makes it harder to see and shoot. A lot of changes they've made really weren't better, they just made the game look better.
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