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  1. I don't play anymore, but I've followed it. I think it's pretty trash. They're accomplishing the same goal as the original 2.0 plan, which is to extend the value of grinding out crews, but without any of the things that made 2.0 at least interesting. To add insult to injury, they also don't seem to have any plan to let you liquidate crew members into XP as they did in 2.0, which is ruination for players like me that kept lots of less skilled crews instead of a fewer number of higher skilled crews. I think it was Rexxie that noted, if you did the crews the way I did you might as well quit the g
  2. Translation: "You guys aren't buying this, so we need to think of another shell game that will confuse everyone enough we can get away with implementing it."
  3. T34 is night and day better. You can even kinda snapshot now. Tried CDC with IR, Vert, Turbo, didn't seem half bad. Basically zoom around and take auto aim snap shots. Still a pretty questionable tank in a game where you have to hit weak spots while all they have to do is blap you, but at least it's not embarrassing anymore.
  4. Yeah. My two major experiences playing this tank is waiting to aim at things while they pull back behind cover, and getting shot by arty. Every one knows what a good tank it is, plus it's huge and slow, so it tends to get focus fired a lot.
  5. Does any one else just dread playing the T29 because you get a god awful team every time you play it? I wouldn't say it, but this has literally being going on for like 5 years now.
  6. After the changes it seems like a decent new system with a cynical resource inflation scam tacked on instead of a massive tire fire billowing toxic smoke. Yay for progress, I guess. If the sandbox info is correct, your extra crews will all get converted into crew XP books after a certain amount of time. So if you have a lot of crews you're no longer screwed. Not sure what the math is, of course. The reset costs are still massively inflated. 500,000 credits to train a crew to a new vehicle compared to 20,000 X 5 = 100,000 being typical now. It'll still cost you a million credits p
  7. So the main forum vegetables are all in an uproar over the "nerfing" of arty into the ground. Anyone playing these days think 1.13 is a meaningful reduction in arty power?
  8. Five bucks says their plan is to drop crew 2.0 at some point and change it like 6th sense... just make it standard with no skill. I'd just ignore it for now.
  9. Welp, time to test arty nerf patch!


    Glorious success, comrade!

    Highlight was counter battery one-shotting the enemy M44 using the new tracers. HE WHO LIVES BY THE CLICK, SHALL PERISH BY THE CLICK

    1. Panzergraf


      Liking this patch so far, if only for the joy of clicking the clickers


  10. No, this whole thing is junk. WG is too scared to actually do anything controversial, so to keep the fish biting they just keep throwing more and more convoluted gimmicks into the game.
  11. That awkward moment where you remember you actually bought a CDC
  12. I just want to note, not that a single soul cares or is surprised, that even with grousers and turbo this tank is one of the most unsatisfying sacks of crap I've ever driven.
  13. I need a game like tanks that isn't stupid. Something I can take a break for 15 minutes and play, and then get back to the other thing I need to be doing. Suggestions please.

    1. hazzgar


      2km runs. Seriously. 

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      I used to run a lot, now I have a (probably minor) medical problem that I haven't been able to work through for several years... just got health insurance so I hope to get it resolved soon, but I can't run for crap right now.

      Also, fuck that, that's not fun. y u do this

    3. hazzgar


      @Jesse_the_Scout do very short very slow ones as long as the health thing doesn't kill you. I hate running. Seriously I do. Also covid turned me from a decent athlete who not so long ago used to compete to a useless bodybag. 5km is seriously my max right now and I'm of regular weight. It's just a good option if you do it on very low intensity since then it's relaxing instead of being pain at 175bpm. That or pumptrack if you have a bike and a track nearby. 

      Short 15mins games imho are annoying. Not enough time to relax since time spent gaming flies too fast. 


      Also you can do what I do and stop making coffee at home, live near a speciality coffee shop and just go get coffee. It's relaxing, you talk to some people (rare in covid times) so it stops you from getting crazy. Not to mention GF gets some time for herself too

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