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  1. Well, I managed 3 games before massively overloaded flanks and wheeled tanks yoloing all over the fucking map got me to the uninstall level of disgusted. Even this mode is now unreasonably frustrating. I think it's time to make it official: time of death March 11, 2019. At least for me, YMMV.
  2. It's just another power creep version of the last round. Compared to the Blackdog it's got marginally more view range and mobility, a little more gun depression, way faster shell velocities on both the APCR and HEAT, and more ammo capacity. The Blackdog is marginally smaller, little better aim time, a bit more DPM. On paper it looks pretty close but in practice the thing the Blackdog direly needs is better gun depression and shell velocity. The only way a huge light tank can safely engage is by keeping distance and using terrain, and the Blackdog sucks on both counts. I guarantee you the shell velocity alone will make a night and day difference between the tech tree version and this, a laughable 630 m/s vs. 1080 APCR and 1145 HEAT.
  3. Considering this basically just brings the match maker back to before 3/5/7 I can't say it's going to be a revolution. If it actually works as the graphic suggests it took them 2 years to stir the rubble.
  4. The irony is I think it's possible Frontline will finally kill the game. After playing it for a week straight I can't go back to regular tanks because I can't believe I've put up with this 3 tier spread bullshit after playing without it.
  5. Adding stupid-ass fast tanks is just another nail in the coffin. Perfect WG balance: useless to play, situationally infuriating to play against.
  6. You thought WG couldn't possibly get any more stupid, didn't you? Like it had to have peaked?


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    2. MacusFlash


      That WG guy is saying a bullshit. Not the first time when an official employee has no idea how the game works.

      Someone could test this bullshit on test server and show this little prick the truth. I'm really annoyed by people like him - first to go, last to think.

    3. Haswell


      I wouldn't be surprised if CSR outright contradict his claim in their canned replies.

    4. Wanderjar


      tl:dr shoot blues, blues can report you for team dmg. #AutismSpeaksPosts

  7. It's to the point I kinda feel sorry for WG NA for how hard it must be to make things work with what they're given. They have that classic drunken boss that's running the business into the ground and won't listen.
  8. In fairness the game limits arty, I think it may only be one per front? If you put a cap on one vehicle type I would expect there to be a pile in waiting even if people aren't playing them at an exceptional rate. Thinking it over more I think my frustration with this mode is stemming more from the switching of flanks than anything. I realize when I get a game on attack I don't get nearly as frustrated, defense is the problem. On defense the entire game is just about the attackers respawning back and forth in different sections and steam rolling you due to massive numerical imbalances. The defenders have no practical way of dealing with it, and you can't even always see the situation on both other flanks. So one minute you're looking at the teams and realizing you're way too heavy on your flank, but your only choice is to kill yourself and then guess which flank needs help. If you guess right you might do some good, but if you guess wrong you spawn in just in time for the zone to get capped out and here comes a freight train of red tanks. Either way you have to take yourself out of the game for over a minute. The next minute the enemy floods your zone and now you're 1 to 2 and just getting stomped on because there's no winning in that scenario. And yet what do you do? You can't leave, as they're just going to walk right through to the objectives. And your team may never bother to clean up the imbalance because understandably no one wants to kill themselves. Even if they're willing the game doesn't give a way to see the numbers on each flank unless I've missed something. All the while on attack you're able to push into something and get XP, but on defense you are either getting slaughtered and getting little XP or there aren't enough enemies to fight for XP. I feel like the entire respawn mechanic is a huge oversight in the mode. It works for attack, but on defense I spend half the game either ludicrously outnumbered or sitting on an overloaded flank debating if killing myself is the right choice.
  9. Any else not give a shit about this mode already? This time it's gold spam for whatever reason (people tryharding to get reward tanks I guess), barrage after barrage of arty and strike consumables, and winning is just random. Whoever gets the most "2700 damage" players lose, that's basically it. The grind is stupid, there's no way I'm even trying to get the interesting tanks. I just did 11k and only got Major for what the fuck ever. Power creep tanks everywhere. WoT is over. It's just boring now.
  10. Frontline gave me an idea for a fun experiment with arty. If I select one player at random and spend 20 entire minutes shooting at only them the entire game, will they actually lose their mind? PLACE YOUR BETS

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    2. hiipanda


      only if you reverse xvm snipe and focus a red

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      I was thinking of a nice, juicy yellow really. The kind of middle aged History channel dad who posts things on the main forum like, "arty is part of the game, deal with it".

    4. MacusFlash


      Make a list of arty defenders on an official forum and focus on one if you find him in FL. 

  11. T-54 Mod has always been a winner for me. Has everything you need: mobility, reasonable firepower, good vision game ability due to camo, armor of a heavy, and magical soviet wedge technology. Its armor is right about 220 effective vs. AP which means a lot of bouncability in this mode where gold isn't being slung everywhere. Lowe wrecks too, but it takes some time to get where you're needed which is a real problem when the attacking team starts flipping all over the map and masses in a lane far away from you. This is a real problem on defense some games, the enemy team just respawns elsewhere and you're stuck in a slow tank with nothing to fight. I just got the Cent 5/1 and have only played a little with it but I feel it's going to be on par with the 54 Mod for having everything you need to stay rolling and shooting. Being invincible hull down with 226 AP and good accuracy is a strong combo on these open maps. I'm finding the Defender to be less effective than I would have thought, as it's only effective right around the cap. The limit on long range fire keeps it from being flexible enough. I've had some really crap luck in it too though, kind of stuff where you get ammo racked twice and focused by an arty. I should also note the Tiger II did surprisingly well last time, I ground through it painlessly with Frontline. It has armor relevant against same tiers and a good gun for long range, so it has the flexibility to never be at a disadvantage. EDIT: lol. Just got general playing arty on defense. First half used a clicker with only 75% crew + food. About 100 XP short of general of the army.
  12. Playing this on rental for missions I can't help but notice this is basically a Mutz with a vastly superior loading mechanism.
  13. So for a typical player over 1200 games over the course of 70 days... literally breaks down to over 4 hours of play every day Frontline is up. Even if you hit Major every game that's over 3 hours a day every day. Is there some kind of cultural thing I'm missing? Do Russians just huff paint and play video games all day or something?
  14. Mine only let me do a single mission and now they're all locked as unavailable. Forever 1/999 completed. Bit of a tease. I entered a ton of the codes, so who knows.
  15. I think I've entered like 8 codes and only have 3 credited. lul. No idea wtf.
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