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  1. It's WG, guys. By the time they're done getting their heads stuck in a bucket it's a coin toss whether the T49 will do 1 damage per hit or 9999.
  2. I would not be shocked if they released it. It fits perfectly in the new "paper, rock, scissor" model of play where every tank needs to be absurdly powerful one minute and helplessly useless the next. WTF E-100 deletes heavy, heavy deletes medium, medium deletes light tank, light tank does donuts around WTF E-100 shooting HESH into the turret. BALANCED!
  3. You're playing during Christmas break, there is no winning to be had here.
  4. Well, this one is painful. Rear mounted and crippling gun depression is always a great time. Fast enough to get yourself in trouble when you engage and then realize you can't even get your gun pointed at something right in front of you. Infuriating gun control in general for those juicy point blank misses at the side of a Lowe. Another one I could never bring myself to suffer through until this pile of XP bonuses came along and cut down the number of games needed by 80%.
  5. Another day, another 54%er in a 907 bouncing 4k and driving over my team like a speed bump.
  6. This thing isn't anything special but at least it feels like an upgrade for its tier compared to the cringey tier 7. Good gun handling instead of bad, fast instead sluggish, exceptional view range instead of good view range, solid DPM instead of bad DPM. Especially since you don't have to grind out the top gun it's a lot less painful to get through. Shame about the absurd shell velocities though, as it basically disqualifies either tank from being good.
  7. Jesse_the_Scout


    What kind of masochist voluntarily plays this line? I probably get hit by arty 4-5 times per game on average overall. There's nothing you can do but wait for death.
  8. This tank makes my soul hurt.
  9. Can some one inform me as to why the actual fuck this tank can crest a hill and and reliably bounce 326 APCR in the flat lower plate? While having a tiny cupola weak spot? And having a TD gun? And moving fast? Some one stop me any time here.
  10. WG is doing this thing now where the specific novelties of new tank lines don't start until tier 8, or occasionally 9 or 10. The Swedish TDs' siege mode, the clown cars' driving modes, all the autoloaders and autoreloaders (Italians, Czechs, Frenchies). Some lines are just about the tanks' form like the new Swede mediums, which are a drastic change from the Leo, or the rear mounted Russian heavies starting with the IS-M from the IS. Most likely it boils down to 1, encouraging every one to hemorrhage credits and free XP grinding up lines and playing the resource sink tiers to try new features, and 2, because WG only even tangentially cares about game balance in tiers 8-10. It's part of why tier 6-7 sucks so much now, you hit tier 8 and suddenly gain some massive new feature that blows away the generic pile of lower tier tanks.
  11. It's a little late but I would caution people that the payouts looks a little bit reduced from last year, at least based on QB's payout spreadsheet of 200 boxes. It's a small sample though.
  12. I have no idea how you people have stood playing high tier all of these years. Not even joking, players in tanks actually get worse at cooperating the longer they play. By the time they hit 15k games they literally sabotage each other because each one of them thinks they're now The Chosen One destined to fulfill The Prophecy by single-handedly defeating the entire enemy team.

    1. Oicraftian


      I thought that was common by tier 7 already. No?

    2. Wanderjar


      Well, now we know who ISN'T the chosen one now....

    3. lavawing


      I am still kind of fine with tier 9 where people are still kind of, occasionally, willing to throw away their tanks. Not. Tier. Ten. 

  13. I know high tier games are basically pixel sniping garbage now, but are these really weak points in the turret? Technically the Lowe has always had some tiny green zones but I am very unconcerned when tanking shots with it. Basically the Lowe has 10mm of upper plate and side armor advantage, but in exchange the E-75 goes from low end mobility for a heavy to low end mobility for a medium tank. Compare the Lowe/E-75/Cent 5/1: Top speed: 35/45/50 HP/t: 11.1/16/18.6 Soft stats: 1.14, 1.43, 2.29/ 1, 1.2, 2.3 / 1, 1.1, 1.9 Traverse: 24/26/36 The gun is arguably better too, the Lowe has pen and accuracy but the 75 has DPM, alpha, and handling. If this thing isn't a power creep Lowe then I have a lot of new balanced premium tanks to sell you. Ultimately we just have to see how it actually plays out, of course.
  14. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/616367-xvm-hack-to-defeat-anonymizer/

    Aren't you guys glad you pissed away all those credits and gave yourselves an ulcer now? :doge:

    1. Assassin7


      ... the comments in that thread are all retarded damn

    2. kolni


      hahaha calling the wot community cancer when league of legends exists :serb: 

      if i don't get told to slit my wrists or that i'll get anthrax sent home it's a good game communication-wise

    3. Enroh


      Link dead. I assume mods removed the thread lol

  15. Boy, this E-75 thing is just the new power creeped version of the Lowe isn't it? Shaves off a few marginal properties like 10m of view range and some gun depression in exchange for the mobility of a friggin' medium tank. I guess that's the model now though, every other new premium needs to be a stronger version of an existing tank.
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