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  1. So my ancient lycos email is finally shutting down next month, which is what I had used for gaming accounts for years. This absurd nonsense is what WG expects you to do in order to change the email of a 7 year old account.

    1. Archaic_One


      I would not worry about it.  My kid plays on an account linked to an email address of a company that has not been in business for years.  WG never needs to receive emails if you don't mind not getting anything from them.

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      Yeah, you're probably right, other than emails to meathead videos it's not like I get anything from WoT anyway. I just won't be able to change my password again is all.

    3. Archaic_One


      Passwords are so 2007, Putin can change it for you if you want