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  1. Have to do a group project in intermediate macroeconomics class. Don't know anything about my partner because I'm that guy that ignores the "make a group" phase and then does his group project alone to avoid human contact, but the teacher wasn't going to LEAVE ME IN PEACE and assigned us partners. He sends me a google doc link to our project and when I look at his other papers he has one titled "Winning at World of Tanks" where he is using statistical analysis to assess the relationship between between raw damage and spotting on win rate in tier 10 vehicles using vbaddict's data. Yay, I think I may not hate him.

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      You should drop super subtle WoT hints while not saying anything about it lol

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      Pretend to be daydreaming, then jerk up and scream "fuck arty".

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      Play arty on your laptop and jerk off.

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