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  1. I'm being serious here: what has happened to the game? For a couple months now it feels like half the games are just one sided 15-5 or 5-15 blowouts now. Games are full of sub 45% and even lower players. Literally ~20% of the players seem to be 45% or less turf. I don't even understand it. I get top tier, mid tier, low tier, tier 5, tier 2, tier 8, it all plays out the same. I can fire up a strong crew in a strong tank and it doesn't even seem to matter now, it all wants to slide back to 50%. Is any one else getting this vibe?

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    2. FlorbFnarb


      Not surprising.  I played several matches a few weeks ago and it was awful.

    3. vincent364


      When you dumb down the game (any game/most games) you double down on bad players and run off many of the better players. 

    4. FlorbFnarb
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