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  1. So I'm the last tank alive, in the French M10, hiding in the SW corner of Mannerheim Line, near dead. Enemy team has 4 TDs, most full health, and one arty. It's over.

    They wait for ~5 mins to do anything. First TD creeps in, I abuse my tree nest to invisikill him from full HP, ~200m. A couple minutes later a one shot Stug creeps in along the west rock wall and gets even closer, ~150m. I tree abuse and kill him unseen.

    I displace to a different position and when my binocs kick on I spot the last two FULL HEALTH TDs both hauling ass straight east...? A moment later one of them drowns himself...?? Game ends a minute later as a draw?

    Only thing I can figure is they thought the forest was haunted?

    1. ZXrage


      mmm dont you just love playing against baddies
      I witnessed a 1v5 turn to shit on a lone E5 because they kept going at him one-by-one

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