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  1. T34 is night and day better. You can even kinda snapshot now.

    Tried CDC with IR, Vert, Turbo, didn't seem half bad. Basically zoom around and take auto aim snap shots. Still a pretty questionable tank in a game where you have to hit weak spots while all they have to do is blap you, but at least it's not embarrassing anymore.

  2. Yeah. My two major experiences playing this tank is waiting to aim at things while they pull back behind cover, and getting shot by arty. Every one knows what a good tank it is, plus it's huge and slow, so it tends to get focus fired a lot.

  3. After the changes it seems like a decent new system with a cynical resource inflation scam tacked on instead of a massive tire fire billowing toxic smoke. Yay for progress, I guess.

    • If the sandbox info is correct, your extra crews will all get converted into crew XP books after a certain amount of time. So if you have a lot of crews you're no longer screwed. Not sure what the math is, of course.
    • The reset costs are still massively inflated. 500,000 credits to train a crew to a new vehicle compared to 20,000 X 5 = 100,000 being typical now. It'll still cost you a million credits per crew to get them back to normal. If you have 300ish crews it will legit take you 100,000,000 credits to re-crew everything. Not even joking. The good news is that those crews will be a lot more skilled than your old crews on average once you use those crew XP books.
    • If gold is no object and you actually drop 150,000 gold retraining those same 300 crews you can potentially really get ahead of the curve. I do not see this as a good thing.
    • End game bonus is "only" 15% to the crew instead of 20% now. Ffs.
    • So many mobility boosting skills, holy crap. I haven't tested it much but just looking at the numbers... is this a good idea? If you commit to it, heavies will move like meds, meds like lights, lights like wheelies. Game may get (even more) stupid.
    • Skill choices are definitely better, more interesting, and the entire system is more coherent from a balance standpoint... except for the endcap crew bonus which may be the truly awful pay to win garbage buried within the entire thing.
    • Finally standardizes 6th Sense, also adds new arty detection skill.
    • View ranges will drop overall, since you're less forced to pick the same few skills. I think this will actually be a good thing and reduce the "get lit instantly" effect at high tier.

    All still seems convoluted, still looks like another shift to pay to win, still seems motivated by a desire to drain every one's massive credit and gold reserves. But at least it won't utterly break everything like the first round.

  4. Quote

    I dunno, maybe Im just being too "eewww change I don't like change" about it. 

    No, this whole thing is junk. WG is too scared to actually do anything controversial, so to keep the fish biting they just keep throwing more and more convoluted gimmicks into the game.

  5. I just want to note, not that a single soul cares or is surprised, that even with grousers and turbo this tank is one of the most unsatisfying sacks of crap I've ever driven.

  6. I'm a little confused why people are saying it's bad, at least looking at it in tanks.gg it looks solid to good. The armor is pretty good and it has no notable weaknesses. The HEAT round has low shell velocity, but heavies sniping isn't too much of a thing anyway. The cost is absurd when you can get a tier 8 for 8000 bonds, but the tank itself looks fine.

  7. At the very least it shouldn't have sheltered. With normal MM it'd be good, with sheltered it's redonk. It's 3/4 medium tank 3/4 heavy tank and works in both roles. Every one spams APCR in it too just to rub it in.

  8. Nah, I'm still figuring out how this thing works. My router isn't good enough to play through my PC smoothly, I've ordered a cable for now. This is more fiddly to set up than I anticipated, but I'm having fun just playing around with free/cheap stuff and demos for now while I learn how it all works.

    Played some sword game: amazing. Played a zombie game: holy shit, legitimately unnerving. Played cheesy paintball game: I could do it all day if not for the barfing. Even just playing around with the starting software is enthralling.

    I am 100% sold on this thing, I haven't been this amazed by new hardware since seeing an NES for the first time as a kid.

  9. I doubt it will be much better. Basic shell gives up some things, but now you can shoot over cover. The second shell gets more damage and pen, enough to go through top armor easily and ruin you in one lucky shot; it'll just be miss miss DAMAGE SPIKE. AP shell will rarely get used. At least maybe fast tanks will be better off, but I rarely bother shooting at that stuff as arty anyway.

  10. Let's see how close we can call it.

    • Option to trade in crews for XP books to alleviate the "wasted crews" aspect.
    • Retraining cost drops to 500 gold.
    • +20% crew skill total for levels over 75 drops to 5%-10%.
    • Tweak some skills.
    • "Zero skill" crews are counted as as if they had one more fully trained skill.
    • Something something mentor's skills

    There you go, grind crew 2.0 1.0.

  11. If I understand how WG thinks at this point, they released this with glaring problems knowing it would probably not be well received. So when they "rework" the idea they'll remove the worst parts. To solve the issue of useless 2-3 skill crews, for example, they'll allow you to choose to trade in crews for crew books in some way. Then when they finally cram this new system in every one will be so relieved it's not as apocalyptically bad as the first iteration they won't notice the fact WG just got you to pay 750 gold twice to use your own crew and massively inflated the crew XP grind permanently. It's a basic negotiation tactic, open up with something crazy and then "compromise" it down until the other side accepts.

  12. 14 minutes ago, GehakteMolen said:

    People not having best crew is no big deal imo, some will have 50, other 60 and others 75, as long as the best skills are not locked after say lvl 60, its fine.

    There aren't 75 levels, that's smoke and mirror bullshit. The crew keeps leveling past that, so there's effectively more like 83ish levels. Those last "non-levels" potentially grant +20% to crew skills in total. You get like +4% or something at your first couple of bumps past level 75, which seems suspiciously like the crown jewel they want people to grind furiously for. Maybe they'll change it, because it's pretty asinine.

  13. Basically it looks like this is the plan:


    Right now it's brutal to start out (especially when we're talking 50% crews) but you gain ground rapidly. It peaks earlier, because a 2-3 skill crew is reasonably competitive for the most part. By the time you have 4 skills you hit diminishing returns because you probably have all you vitally need on most tanks.

    2.0 flattens it all out into a more linear climb. You start out way better off (100% crew plus 6th sense) but gain much more gradually. And ultimately, while your crew is lamer in the middle zone than it used to be, it eventually becomes more powerful... but only with a metric ass-ton more grinding. It takes way longer to get to the end, but +20% to crew skills alone is redonk.

    So, the good is that new players won't get shafted as hard, and the scaling of crews is much more even. The bad news is that they want to basically obsolete a bunch of your crews and extend the grind.

    Extending the grind is what this is really all about. Veteran players all have solid crews in their tanks at this point, so there's weak incentive to furiously smash that lever like a conditioned muppet to get the next pellet. So they want to make the grind longer and ultimately more rewarding as reaching the end grants stupid bonuses to the entire crew.

    So cool, purple nazi dork (and other assorted no-lifers) now rules the world, the whales get milked harder as they dump resources to pump up crews, every one else is pissed. LOOKIN GOOD, GUYZ

  14. Yeah. Most of the skills are fine, but a lot have micromanagement events. Like... fuck off, I just want to play my stupid tank, not have to memorize "cooldown period for my intimidating shout" WoW-style mechanics. I barely remember "need keys make car go vroom" from one day to the next.

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