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  1. I've tried to like this tank, but it's just not happening. Maybe if you've got a good crew, but the slow acceleration and painful gun handling just feel like you're playing underwater. Grousers don't even seem to help much even though it has bad soft stats on medium and soft terrain. Another vehicle that tries to be part medium part heavy and just ends up being painful at both roles.
  2. I'm not sure if the T29's gun has good handling, I've never survived the M44 spam long enough to shoot.
  3. As some one who keeps a unique crew for every single tank in the game I fully expect to get grade A fucked by crew 2.0. It sounds like the majority will be rendered redundant with nothing to show for it, heavily rewarding people who just kept one or two crews for each line.
  5. If you picked vital spark go look in your depot to see the skin. It's friggin' crazy.

    1. lavawing


      meanwhile wot asia doesn't get the skin, doesn't get the vote, only that clown camo for the Pz VII - in the premium shop :rabble:

  6. Jesus Christ, loaded up Prok and look next to me and realize this tank is way smaller than my "light" tank. It's an LT that traded 8% camo for a gun that would be good for a medium.
  7. This just looks like one particular breed of proclubber. It sits in a single bush on every map, usually with binocs and camo net, with the plan to shoot at everything that comes within range. By the time you have a good crew with full camo and some view range stuff, it can actually be reasonably effective because new players + bad crews = magic invisible sniper tank. The higher up the tiers you go, the more the approach falters because being inactive the bulk of the game becomes more and more problematic. You also have increasingly less gap between your super crew and the average opponent's cr
  8. Every year right at Christmas they dump a massive list of promises to get you all optimistic and excited so you buy gambling boxes. Half of it never sees the light of day, much of what does get implemented is watered down, and it takes years. I'm no longer spending money based on what they're "going" to do.
  9. Well, we did it boiz, first person I know personally who died of COVID. He was part of our group that would come over to my house after work and play tanks back when tanks wasn't shit. https://wotlabs.net/na/player/militia_force 31 years old. Thanks America, you giant pile of fuck.
  10. Woah, gamemodels3d actually has all the tanks with their armor models AND entire upgrade trees! Walkure https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldoftanks/vehicles/g171 Arlequin https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldoftanks/vehicles/f52 Harbringer Mk IV https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldoftanks/vehicles/b162 Raven https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldoftanks/vehicles/a167 Varyag https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldoftanks/vehicles/r51 (inb4 one tank has stupidly better soft stats than all the others) Ya'll are on your own, I only need one more point thingy to get
  11. This mode is hot garbage. Pen and armor mechanics are pants-on-head. The HEAT is basically useless and bounces on everything. The balance between tanks makes no sense, the American tank seems to shit on everything else. Winning is as much luck as anything. Getting lucky and nailing some boxes early so you can drive over lower tier tanks, getting lucky to not get ganged up on, getting lucky to run into two players fighting, getting good drops. The optimal strategy just seems to be to run away as long as you can. I've seen sub 45%ers come out #1. So basically, it's a battle royale game.
  12. New equipment has definitely salvaged this tank. Turbo/IRM/Binocs and I'd almost even say it's good now. Way faster and more agile, cut some of the brutal bloom numbers, and I don't even miss the rammer since it rarely mattered. Now that I can bail out when things get bad it's a lot more enjoyable, and you can even fill in as a passive scout (once yours dies yoloing 45 seconds into the game) thanks to the good camo and small size.
  13. The extra top speed from Turbo helps too. This did what, 72 back in the day? Now it's 60. Turbo gets you to 64, which is nice. Something this small becomes absurd to hit on the move as the speed starts hitting 60s. While the 75mm is basically pathetic, I'm finding with 50% camo I can get behind or to the side of people at 200m-400m and take my time to fully aim. I can sit in the open at times and be lighting 1-2 enemies just chilling and thinking about what to do. It's a unique experience, since very few tanks have this kind of camo and at higher tier the view ranges are high enough to co
  14. Turbo charger finally makes this thing work again. Still stalls out when you run over stuff but it's fast otherwise. Slap on LNES for 50% camo on the move and this is going to be the most hilarious scout in the game. Firepower is a joke, but when you can be 51m away in a bush and nothing can see you...
  15. I just played a tier 3 game on Abbey. One enemy tank ran out the the little overlook on south side where you can proximity light him but not shoot him. I watched 5 (literal) bots sit there shuffling around for about 5 minutes all pointing their guns at him impotently.

  16. I'm too stingy to start shelling out 200k-600k until there's an equipment sale, so I went down to tier 2-4 to do a lot of testing where everything is only 50k a piece. The selection is a lot smaller too. But thus far my impression is that mobility helps e v e r y t h i n g . Some tanks, one piece is a no-brainer because there's a particular limit in the way. For example, the T-80 has always been an interesting but lackluster tier 4 light tank. It has very good agility, but the top speed and horsepower have always capped it. Slap on a turbocharger and it just smooths out the tank's flaws a
  17. Kind of debated whether to explain this nuance, but might as well. My earlier post I said the game is better than it's been in eons, but it's not across the board. In fact, all tiers up to 7 are better to play than they've ever been right now. But once you hit 6 it starts to degrade and by the time you hit 8 I think the game is literally the worst it's been since the days of 5+ arty per side. This is largely because WG leaves lower tiers the fuck alone. High tier is the competitive e-donger tier where every one turns into an insufferable tryhard. As a result WG aims the bulk of its moneti
  18. This is the most WG thing I've ever heard.
  19. I'm talking specifically about the effect on acceleration. Increasing HP/ton and reducing ground resistance both increase it, but the wild variance means there's likely differences based on the tank. For instance, Japanese tanks often have modest HP/ton and low ground resist. In that case I suspect increasing HP/ton would be better. In contrast, something like the IS-7 has decent HP/ton but atrocious ground resistances. I suspect in that case grousers would give you more bang for your buck. But without being able to decode the formulas I can only speculate. In any case whether you need in
  20. Big question for me is turbo charger vs. grousers because I pretty much guarantee differing soft stats will determine which is better on a tank by tank basis, but the formula given for acceleration was just giving me gibberish results. WG has to use some overly complex, counter-intuitive formula for everything in the game.
  21. Welcome to every game post-COVID.


    1. RedwoodOriginal


      Wait, COVID ended?!? I tought its still trending!

    2. Rexxie


      That's really poor social distancing.

    3. Hellsfog


      I hope they are wearing masks or, at least, camo nets.

  22. If there's not an equipment sale soon I'm gonna pop like a balloon. I have 400 tanks and ~80 mil in credits without even selling off half my old equipment yet. I NEED THIS, WG
  23. Maybe unconventional: The game has actually been improving for about two years now. Basically early this year the actions of the past two years are just now starting to accumulate to the point where it's not awful anymore like 2015-2019. Well, before COVID hit, all the kids started playing, and ran it into the ground, but that should end eventually. If you have a life or self-respect and haven't been playing for a while, this is the main stuff: Scaled back the dreadful 3/5/7 which turned out to be a disaster. MM is now the best it's ever been, although there's still never going to b
  24. That first Unconventional Opinion topic is so old Garbad's posts are still sane.
  25. Spending a lot of time looking at this on the test server, I'm going to be using this as a mobility revolution. Turbocharger, grousers, and improved rotation have the potential to vastly improve speed and agility on lots of tanks that need it. It's hard to measure the overall impact since everything is getting buffed, but I feel like the biggest winners will be light tanks and TDs. Light tanks got a lot of new options to mess with, and the improved camo value equipment alone is a big deal which will make the scouting role more viable. TDs just got a minor buff across the board from the im
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