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  1. Remember when half your shots didn't dive straight into the dirt? Those were good times.
  2. It looks like they did at least nerf a few of the worst offenders at low-mid tier. Pz38t got some noticeable firepower decreases. Luchs got the 3cm gun nerfed meaningfully, it's now nearly useless over 200m. And finally, 6ish years after it became an abomination, the T67 got balanced out. More bloom, longer aim time, less horsepower, it actually feels fair at last. People are bitching about the Pz I C too, it only got increased recoil but hopefully that does something since it fires so fast. Lame patch overall, but at least they did something badly overdue.
  3. What a dumpster fire of a patch. Ruined a ton of low-mid tier tanks and then doomed a generation of new players to rolling uptiered trash tanks while old players farm them with T67 bullshit. I like the hidden easter eggs of shit too, like how the T67 goes from 45 to 70 rounds (1.56) while an average tank like the Stug goes from 36 to 44 (1.22) and the crapwagon Turian goes from 32 to 39 (1.22). What the fuck does WG do all day and how do I get a job there?
  4. I think the past couple of weeks have finally confirmed what we long suspected: new players utterly ruin the game.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      I honestly cant imagine being a new player in todays game. It must be so overwhelming

    2. hazzgar


      All the "my spot I will push u" cunts. Seriously fuck those people

  5. Seems pretty good to me. Turret is reliable, upper hull is strong, weak sides and lower are low profile and easy to hide. Gun feels solid overall, mobility's not bad. T29 is probably still better but it's pretty competitive.
  6. Can't die of Coronavirus if you aren't tested for Coronavirus *taps head* So in the U.S. it looks like in keeping with our theme of slow decent into madness we're just going to not test people to artificially deflate the numbers. Then we'll reopen about 2-4 weeks sooner than optimal because the powers that be want a narrative that this was all overblown and political. When the virus is almost spent Americans will be getting back to their usual lifestyle and it will resurge, either as an actual second, smaller wave, or just an unsteady tick of X hundred extra dead people every day for howe
  7. no, that's not how it works. you're in the 0.1%, so you're supposed to get +10,000 win8 stimulus package
  8. I like how the premium double barrel is just an IS-3 that's straight up superior. It's all in those secret soft stats that the yellow mass still doesn't know exists.
  9. The branch changes are like an assignment started the night before the due date, a lot of the swapped tanks are horrendous. What do they even do all day at WG? I could have done this tech tree rework alone in a few months and it would be more coherent.
  10. Been playing it for the on track, not impressed. It's not bad, it's actually good in its CHAI snipe role and can survive at mid range by staying hull down. The problem is that stuff just doesn't win game these days. Farm some damage, but if your team starts to lose you're not going to pull it back by hiding behind hills tickling people for 240 a hit. World of RRR Heavies has no place for you.
  11. Big medicine sr360 won't teach the controversy. What is he trying to hide?
  12. It's called what it is because it's a name that actually describes the virus on the molecular level, the disease it causes, and 19 stands for 2019. Science doesn't just pull naming conventions out of its ass, they follow certain guidelines because people need to be able to understand and differentiate between two things just by reading the name. Carbon Dioxide is harmless, Carbon Monoxide will kill you. Organization of information is a vital component to many fields, because it makes it easier to learn and understand. That's not politicizing. When you CROSS OUT the word and write "my enem
  13. For fuck's sake, guys, he calling it the Cat Eater Ching Ching Bing Bong virus because it's the usual deflection bullshit. Americans have so lost their mind that all any one has to do is say "political correctness" and it immediately divides people back into their camps and smothers any real discussion of the specific problem. Who fucking cares what it's called? They want you to hold China responsible because they didn't take it seriously either. They still aren't.
  14. My city finally instituted a stay at home order for all non-essential businesses. 80% of the businesses are "essential". We're all gonna die.
  15. It's not just about dying, this thing can damage your lungs too. Using a ventilator itself can do it. They're starting to realize the choice is either to lock everything down and kill the economy for a year fighting to keep it under control or just let it run its course and kill a lot of people. The U.S. will do the latter. And they don't have to tell every one what choice they made, they just have to keep pretending with half measures.
  16. 00 is really good, but I also feel like 0000 really represents how this shit never ends.
  17. Sure. Every one want a new car? Cause I'll write that on a napkin and then every one gets a new car.
  18. This is basically the perfect stress test to force problems you've neglected to explode in your face. If you do nothing you're going to be ass deep in dead old folks. Whether or not you act quickly the economy is going to tank and recovery relies on the resources you have to fall back on and what kind of leadership you have. It's going to be interesting to see how hard the U.S. hits the ground. We had every opportunity to prepare for the next big thing and wasted every last cent. The economy is inflated due to unsustainable deficit spending, but it remains to be seen if this triggers a to
  19. That awkward moment when some CDC guy at a press conference is like, "oh hey, here's something weird, people that died from this thing are starting to pop back up and eat people. Not sure what that's about?"
  20. That's because rich assholes knew you'd never agree with "no taxes for rich people" so they had to use "are you going to let the government tell you what to do" to get there.
  21. Here's some real talk guys. No one really knows how far this thing will go. The media is hyping it, yes, but the fact is this sucker is capable of spreading way easier than most infections. You can carry it without symptoms, which means it's entirely possible it will infiltrate like a mother fucker-that's the real game changer. They don't know how deadly it is because they don't even know who all has it. Right now you there are literally hundreds of people in the U.S. wandering around spreading it without any knowledge they have it. As far as I know this is without precedent; I don't know of a
  22. These fuckwits actually buffed the air strike to be deadlier than the arty strike. It pens thin armor, so if it hits the top armor on your heavy enjoy 300-400 damage. Light armored tank? Hope you like 400-800. I took about 850 in a single strike while in a Rhoomba. Every one spams gold now like in randoms, just a block of yellow text. I suppose it was inevitable. Premium power creep spam galore. Cancerous fucking autoloaders, auto-reloaders, now double barreled cyka blats, and wheeled tanks everywhere so the optimal strategy is just rrr L click R click. Same experience over and over:
  23. I don't think much of this thing. The shell velocity and lame gold pen make it pretty derpy and bouncy on anything with armor. It's another one of those tanks that wants to be half heavy and half medium and doesn't really succeed at either role. I could see a certain type of player liking it because it could probably be effective at a play style of risky close range engagements, but that's not my idea of a good time.
  24. The only thing that makes any sense to me is if they're planning one more sweeping overhaul which will be a huge number of buffs and nerfs, and they have to wait to do it after the gold ammo resolution is implemented. They've said as much, but they say a lot of shit. So either there's an entire next phase coming and all this angst is for nothing, or this big rebuild is a joke.
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