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  1. I'm skeptical that list is legit, I don't see WG dropping multiple new tanks when one is enough to keep it novel. It doesn't match their past behavior and seems like a waste compared to stretching out new content more.
  2. It's entirely possible, yes. Whether they intended to do it or not, the power creep they added into the game is fucking things up. This is a way to reign some of that power creep back in without the plebs rioting. It's entirely possible the new revenue model is > add new power creep tanks/game mechanics/currencies > too much power creep > overhaul which evens things out > restart cycle. It's a way to keep every one investing in buying new crap while allowing the old crap to cyclically become relevant again. It would certainly be better than the current cycle which is > add new p
  3. They've realized arty has always been a mistake and want to remove it, but can't because too many crusty old fucks who play this game would whine about it under the pretense of "something something participation trophy" without catching so much as a hint of the irony. So instead they're just slowly nerfing it to death. They're using the boiling frog effect of gradual change to avoid a backlash. This also avoids a ton of headaches a hard removal would create, such as how to compensate players for all the XP they sunk into the lines, or how to fix all the grind missions which require playing art
  4. How am I supposed to get general in frontline while watching Youtube if I have to think about shell types? It's bad enough I have to alt-tab over and hit the skip button on commercials.
  5. You ever commit to a front line engagement because the top tier IS-6 is right behind you, and then when he blocks you from backing up you look back and realize it's stickygreen0? I love this game.

  6. I finally plowed through this grind thanks to X5 bonuses and such. I don't think it's so much that the tank is bad as tier 7 is bad and tier 7 mediums are really bad. Every old tier 8 has now been saturated with buff upon buff while WG has simultaneously poured new overpowered premiums into the game like so many empty aluminum cans in a bucket. Tier 9 is almost as bad for power creep, tier 7 is just a joke now. At this point you're left with the 75mm at least being able to hit all the fucking tiny race car tanks like the E-25 and wheelies that have fundamentally broken the core mechanics the g
  7. Good god this tank is trash. It's stupidly slow, inflexible, and the gun is a joke against anything with good armor. It's so easy to outplay, the gun handling isn't even good enough to swap targets without dunking shells into the ground. It's good at sitting and sniping, but because it can't relocate you're stuck wherever you deployed at the beginning of the match even if there's nothing happening. It can't push because eventually you'll run into a CYKLA BLAT heavy hull down which will just shoot gold through your cupolas while you can't push him without getting farmed in the side. It can clog
  8. Uh... yeah guys, you got 10 X5 bonuses for completing the damage missions for the Halloween skin. It's the same X5s you can get for WoT premium account. I stockpile those for horror grinds. Today it makes more sense just to exploit the daily X5s on different tanks. There was some other mission that gave out an additional 10 of them too, I think... you might actually check this and input one of the codes if you haven't already to make sure you got all of them. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/missions/spooky-challenge/
  9. At the risk of sounding like a dick, I think the solution to this dilemma is to remember this is a haphazardly designed freemium game Skinner box where whatever you "earned" today isn't going to be "worth" anything tomorrow and act accordingly. Artificial exclusivity is just marketing bullshit.
  10. Of the ones I'm familiar with, the M10 is a no-brainer if you don't have it. It's just a copy of one of the best tier 5s, and it's a better trainer than the Pak40 overall. 1500 bonds is also nothing. The T-34 Shielded is the kind of vehicle that works if you dedicate a strong crew in it, but given the plethora of good Russian medium trainers it hardly seems necessary. Still, 1500 bonds is basically nothing. The Hydro is a complete joke. The Pz V/IV outclasses it so massively in virtually every way and has the same sheltered MM. The V/IV shouldn't even be sheltered, but welcome to WoT
  11. So with the MM changes and merciless gold spam are missions like HT-12 even plausible these days? I can't remember the last time I saw a tier 6 in one of my tier 8s even though all I see is 8s with my 6s, and even my paper tanks get gold spammed occasionally, much less my armored stuff. I'm thinking the Mutant 6 might be the most plausible option because its armor is basically "fuck your gold" against tier 7-8, and it's rare enough that no one seems to know when shooting it is pointless. So many well armored tanks are useless for this mission because people know shooting at a T29 turret i
  12. HE guns are trash. They fuck everything up at mid tiers, where you have to make decisions like, "I can't risk going there because there's an M4 and shitters always have derp guns which will full pen me." Or, "I'd better not go anywhere risky because they have 2 Pz IVs and could literally get deleted in a single hit". Last night there was an E2 in the way and I'm playing the crappy tier 7 TD with 20mm of armor, so I can't go anywhere NEAR him or I'll get obliterated even though the E2 with the 105 is a joke. I had to just sit with my dick in my hand until some one else dealt with him even
  13. HE badly needs to be changed and this is way over due. Years and and years ago back when didn't have shit to do I wrote up an article about HE shells and how they should be modified. This appears to be similar to how I approached it, at least in effect even if not exact execution. The idea is too add another dimension to engagements by having ways to pressure high armor opponents which are otherwise invincible, like a top tier T29 hull down. HE guns and rounds could be a really important third option to have in the game for breaking up tough tanks in strong positions, especially if gold ammo i
  14. I'm being serious here: what has happened to the game? For a couple months now it feels like half the games are just one sided 15-5 or 5-15 blowouts now. Games are full of sub 45% and even lower players. Literally ~20% of the players seem to be 45% or less turf. I don't even understand it. I get top tier, mid tier, low tier, tier 5, tier 2, tier 8, it all plays out the same. I can fire up a strong crew in a strong tank and it doesn't even seem to matter now, it all wants to slide back to 50%. Is any one else getting this vibe?

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      When you dumb down the game (any game/most games) you double down on bad players and run off many of the better players. 

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  15. WG's recent nervous efforts to keep people playing has done the impossible: made the suffering of completing the Panther II grind bearable. Tank reward German fragments to drop the needed grind by about 30k XP. On track event to double crew training. Premium account for +50% XP. New WoT Premium feature grants an additional X3 XP bonus on your second game. New WoT Premium feature of 5 selectable X3 bonuses daily. A stack of X5 XP bonuses on wins thanks to Twitch Prime (or the 5 per month you get from WoT Premium). Boosters that grant +200% to XP, +100%
  16. Tip for any one interested in this thing on NA... I got a mastery badge in a tank today and it gave me a 30% off coupon that works for the tank. I was using the Captured Tiger II at the time, but I wager that's not the only tank that triggers one. Brings it down to $28. Halfway tempted but I'm not eager to spend money on the game these days.
  17. -Free day of premium

    -Select Himmelsdorf as 2nd banned map

    -Get Himmelsdorf next two games

    -WoT 2019

    1. Kymrel


      You need to turn off encounter mate.

  18. I'm actually into this thing, but I can get clicked by arty over and over every goddamn game for free.
  19. How do you play 30k+ games of this shit and still never realize you should probably shoot the almost dead tank instead of the full health tank?
  20. Minor necro, I just skimmed the old Sandbox thread because I have no life. Here's what I think is happening. The first sandbox was to test the ongoing armor creep approach which WG had already begun to see if it yielded the results they wanted. The question they were trying to answer was, "how do we balance the game better without removing gold ammo and arty while still being fun to play?" As most people on this forum know, the answer is, "you can't". Those mechanics inherently make balancing the game a shitshow. Their answer was, "you increase armor to the point where armor feels meaning
  21. I never really followed the 3 mark mechanics because who cares, but I do have to ask this out of curiosity: I 3 marked the T25/2 eons ago, I don't know when. I just played my 100th game and noticed now my MOE is at 94.3%. How the crap does that make any sense?
  22. Because exactly like I said when they nerfed it: 22, shoot the cupola, done. It was just going to take pubbies 6 months to realize it now has a giant glowing red "boss monster" weak spot.
  23. Lots of changes, most positive, some negative. General theme is handing out faster advancement to keep people on the hook and increasingly desperate attempts at finding something novel to add to the game. 3/5/7 got toned down to where the game is playable again, you now see a lot more same tier and 1 tier spread games. Hopes are now resting on the mythical "global rebalance" WG claims is underway deep within the bowls of the dungeons of Minsk. Supposedly gold ammo gets rebalanced and all the tanks in the game get adjusted to compensate. If it truly exists it's being kept very quiet.
  24. Man, this one is painful. Terrible gun arc, terrible bloom numbers, terrible mobility, huge profile and no camo, no gold round because ??? reasons, paper armor HE and arty bait. The only redeeming quality is the sick shooting sound effect and 500 damage that melts from the target's HP bar on the rare occasion a shot actually lands. This is one of those tanks that is actually baffling... why is it even this bad? It's like they just decide to make some tanks unplayable. EDIT: upgrading to swear words. Fuck this tank.
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