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  1. I swear to god if I meet some stranger in real life that says they play WoT I'm going to just punch them in the face because odds are they deserve it. The s(@$ I have seen in the past week alone.
  2. Ah, I thought it seemed odd they would buff its earnings, it already seems to make a lot of credits. I'll change that.
  3. Su-122-44 and SU-100y are no brainer buys. The 122-44 is OP, but enough people suck with it that WG thinks it must be fine. The 100y has a monster gun, as long as you stay back and snipe it's also basically OP (I don't have it yet, been waiting for a sale like this, I played about 20 battles on my friend's account). The AT-15A on the other hand is junk. Anemic gun, slow, easy arty kill, and even makes garbage for credits. Its armor is great as long as they don't shoot your mantlet hole or use gold. In other words, as long as you never face any one who doesn't suck. I tried it on the test s
  4. Your camo goes from awesome to poor in one tier. If you're playing the tier 7 expecting not to be seen like the tier 6 you're probably in for a world of hurt.
  5. 2638 damage per game, 2.2 kills/game, 2478 WN7, 47% win. Weekends like this I wonder why the hell I even play this game.
  6. I started with a joystick and after I had the basics down I switched to keyboard and mouse. It seemed superior with the joystick, though M + K has some options the joystick lacks.
  7. This is what I'm talking about. Flying games aren't like tanks. Good player in a higher tier tank? Then hide. Don't just waltz out and let him see you, outmaneuver him or avoid him. In planes, there's no where to hide and they move faster than you. It's like playing tanks on a flat open plain. Whoever is the best and has the best tank will walk right over every one else. A good player will sometimes get a 6 kill game in WoT. In WoWP, good players will be getting that number of kills every game. There's nothing to stop them from dominating, and WG would have to pull some pretty serious move
  8. Actually, after getting raped 3 in a row by some god pilot, seriously... screw this game. Part of why I got into tanks is that it didn't take 1000 hours to have a prayer against good players. Watching one guy kill half your team every other battle is already getting really old.
  9. This is a game for flight enthusiasts, not the masses. Flight games are usually about that niche of people that have some strange fascination with flying and everything about it. The rest of us would just prefer tanks. And those hard core guys will just utterly dominate new players since the skill gap in flight games makes tanks seem utterly egaltarian by comparison. Good pilots used to go 30 and 1 regularly in Battlefield 1942, they were virtually untouchable. If they drop me some gold for playing beta or something I could see myself buying one premium plane and flying it around once in a
  10. Lame. Not into it, but too far in on battles to stop now. 115 or so to go. Find some one, spin in circles with them spraying while shots do nothing, get miraculously one-shotted or rammed on occasion. 3 players on each team get 80% of the kills because they've been doing these games for a decade. Like most any flying game. Wish I had never started, not worth the time investment. Been making it tolerable by watching TV while playing. Gonna try platooning with a friend tomorrow, maybe that will be more interesting.
  11. They pulled a sale on it in the SEA server, so I think it's obvious they won't put it one sale before it's pulled. Would be rather counter productive to their goals currently. I bought it, I see absolutely no reason not to. Don't like it? Get your gold back when you're done. And until this nerf comes to pass it may even be awfully good after these gold round/HEAT changes. Plus it still poops credits.
  12. Now, wait, here we go. I had the tier III French arty elited and already owned the tier IV. Now I'm seeing on the test server it automatically researched the new tier IV French arty as the old IV became a V. Now THAT could be useful. If I finish the GW Panther grind and unlock the GW Tiger I should get the new tier 8 researched for free. I wonder if I have to actually have the GW Tiger in my garage like I did with the tier IV French arty though? EDIT: Looking more closely you probably don't need to have the arty purchased, the key is whether the vehicle is new or not. If you have a v
  13. I've been dissapointed with the lack of opportunities to exploit the arty changes. Low tier arties you can make some money, but at high tiers it mostly sucks. You're looking at locking in maybe a 20% discount or so in most cases, I'd just as soon wait for a 30% off sale even if it takes a while. You do want to actually unlock the next tier if you can because it'll save you some grinding, but overall high tier arty is mostly a wash in terms of making credits or shaving off extra research, at least in the tier 6-8 range I've been examining. In some cases you actually LOSE money. The GW Pant
  14. I bought one the instant I heard they were NOT nerfing the front and and were instead pulling it from the store. On the one hand, probably not getting an OP tank now that they're going a refund route instead. On the other, free Super P rental! Here's the thing. If memory serves, way back when the Super P was introuduced it was sucking. All it had going for it was armor and people were punching through it. So they exaggerated the angles on the front armor to give it a buff. All was well for a while. Gold ammo for credits was a double edged sword. It could finally dish out damage,
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