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  1. StealthAlbino

    T44-100 3.8K damage, 1.9K spotting only 2nd class

    Don't worry I'm shit with this tank. Pretty sure my stats alone will make WG look the other way.
  2. StealthAlbino

    [NA] T9 Med/T-54 Platoon

    Add me if you like, I have Chinese superiority (WZ-120) and the IS-8. Yes I'm insane and think the 120 is better then the T-54.
  3. StealthAlbino

    West tier 10 platoon purple recent

    Wow I'm stupid. Just realized I'm already on your spam list my bad stud
  4. StealthAlbino

    Looking for unica with T57's

    E100s work stupendously for this.
  5. StealthAlbino

    Looking for unica with T57's

    Send me an invite if you want. I'm sure you know this but, don't spam heat. It will screw you over more then help you. I can't even count how many times I've absorbed heat rounds when ap would have went in no problem and then fuck the T57 up on his reload. I'm not saying don't carry heat. I'm just saying use it only when you know you are going to be fighting other heavies face on (mostly e100s And maus s) but then again I'm not very good in my T57
  6. StealthAlbino

    Need friends

    Feel free to add me to your spam list.
  7. StealthAlbino

    I need some people to spam some invites to.

    Go ahead and spam me if ya like
  8. StealthAlbino

    Looking for an NA Mentor

    Well I can help you out with meds and lights, I Yolo my heavies and hope Rng is kind to grace me with a lot of bounces. Usually not the best strategy.
  9. StealthAlbino

    Platoonies for tier 8 and 9

    Add me to the spam list, if I don't accept I'm either in another platoon or forgot to log out in my drunken stupor.
  10. StealthAlbino

    [NA] T8 and above master race

    Toss me an invite when I'm on if ya like.
  11. I can't even remember the last time we played, I guess spamming scouts does that eh?
  12. Well the thing is I work 15 days on and 6 off so I mean if a clan is alright with me not being on for a couple weeks at a time then we are good to go.
  13. Well where to start. I'm a shit player, I trash talk a lot. I Yolo a lot... Hell every match. I play mostly mediums and lights. Umm I have a mic and TS and all that stuff. Let's see... Oh tonks I have: E 100 T110E5 T57 AMX 50B FV4202 E50M STB-1 Leopard 1 Obj 140 T62A 121 FV215 B 183 Jgpze100 T110E4 Batchat 25t T49 LTTB WZ 132 Ru 251 AMX 13 90 Prems FCM 50t Lowe E25 mostly my lights get taken out for a spin but ya. Oh and name had changed.