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  1. @FreddBoy The WR on SHs in recruitment posts is there because most people use SHs to grind credits
  2. As kolni said if you prevent t8 LTs in CW/SHs then you lose all dynamic gameplay because on all maps the is3 will be king. As for your argument about t8 LTs = t9meds that is simply not the case because they don't have the same MM points, i.e. a t8 LT will never be chosen instead of a t9 med by the MM. As I said to overcome the problem of t9s/t10s being far superior to t8 LTs requires a rebalance to LTs in general, this thread is about the nerf to the lwt which is completely justified given how vastly superior it is to all the other t8 LTs.
  3. T7 lights also 'compete' with skodas and t54 and t10s too so that is a terrible argument. I was comparing the lwt with the other t8 LTs and in that regard it needs to be nerfed. Not allowing it in CW/Stronk isn't the way to go, might as well exclude the is3 while you're at it, then once those are gone keep excluding the strongest tank until you have none left. The overall LT situation in the current meta is a completely different argument.......
  4. So the poorly balanced LT situation aside, the lwt absolutely needs a nerf when compared to it's peers. It has armour which is a huge advantage vs other LTs, and it order to balance it, it needs to telling disadvantage somewhere else to stop it being the outright best among the LTs. The current situation it has the joint highest alpha and best gun handling. Middling dpm and above average mobility. It has worst camo and VR. IMO keep the dpm and nerf the gun handling and camo a lot This would give a brawling speciality and reduce it's use at the all conquering t8 SH tank
  5. Been playing the RU in the campaign recently running Repair/AFE/Choc but I keep getting multiple crew deaths, how flammable is this tank? (I.e. can I take out AFE for a med kit or should I drop the Choc?
  6. The tier 7 (t-34-1) is good IMO, same play style as the wz-120, bad gun handling, 5 deg gun dep and above average alpha. I actually went the LT route for the wz-120 as I didn't like the t-34-2 on the test server (they have buffed it since)
  7. Postgraduate researcher a.k.a physics PhD (far infrared nano plasmonics)
  8. The only problem with stratsketch is getting people to DL it beforehand but it seems like the only viable alternative so will give it a go thanks Awkward moment when you suggest wottactic as an alternative to wottactic..... there's always one:P
  9. With the campaign underway wottactic is always down, is their any alternative for pre game tactics?
  10. <3 this tank, did you move your 113 crew into it? And if so what's wrong with the 113?!
  11. Congrats on the 3rd Mark, just finished watching your replay packs, they have definitely given me some new positions/ reactions to think about so thanks. @WaterWar or @Private_Miros can we move this thread to the purple replays section please!
  12. I'd put money on the 430 getting the big armour buff this time around #russianbias
  13. Oh dear I dare say it isn't a coincidence that this happens less than 24hrs after the Paris bombing suspect arrested in belgium says he is cooperating fully http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-35860157
  14. Snore, I must have caught you in a horrible session, I clipped your e50 in my 40t and you went mental in chat! I agree though since this patch there are definitely more arty and sub 4min whitewash games. @X3N4 Your kv5 replay pack was awesome, it inspired me to dust off mine, unfortunately I just got a session of ebola games, that said the turret armour really doesn't stand up to 220mm+ pen
  15. Given the Financial fairplay rules you actually have same/better spending power than city et al, though I think the punishment last time was so laughable they won't think twice before breaking them again (seriously who gives a fine to punish a club for spending too much!). I disagree about the current City team, they have a great squad, just no direction with regards to the way they play, I think Pep will spend plenty this summer but I think it will be on a few superstars rather than overhauling the squad completely. Chelsea since Hiddink took over have had title winning form, so I expec
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