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  1. Bump, Just got my T-44 and fully upgraded it, looking to grind some tonks , if any one is interested hit me up ingame
  2. NKRG is looking for players, come hang out with us on TS and platoon with us TeamSpeak info: maivent.mine.nu Password: lockandload
  3. well due to time difference i live in GMT +4 time (Dubai) so when it is noon here is it morning EST time EX 6:00 am over here is 8:00 pm over there and that means i cant join cause at that time i will be getting ready for school, however i do platoon with them on weekends cause i stay up late and maybe a day in the middle of the week if some one is still up in TS Thanks didn't know that hmm mm
  4. Hello, so lately i have been trying to focus on getting better game play wise, i am sick of being alone in pup matches with no support to back me up a team mate that i can trust to watch my back and the other way around, so any one that is a good player that wanna platoon up and help me out you are more then welcome, maybe see what i am doing wrong and guide me would be very nice as i wanna figure out what am i doing wrong? i play on east server i have every thing from 1 to 10 but i like running 8s to 10s i would like that you use teamspeak cause i like interactive platoon mates
  5. hello, i am looking for a good player or higher to platoon with, my range of tanks is from 1 to 10, i do wanna work on my skills and see what am i doing worng, and what should i do, what kined of skills should i work on, i am looking for a green (stats wise sense i am not stats expert) player or higher to platoon with, with the use of ingame comms or Teamspeak for communcation (i prefer teamspeak but what ever works) Thanks you for you time.
  6. so i am looking for a good platoon mate to play with, that can tell me what i am doing wrong and help me become better, cause i know that there is somethings (if not most) that i could n done better or won at Tiers available 1-9 ( you can run your 10 with me, cause i wanna get better at high tiers fights) TS available ( i want someone to interact with not just watching him do something a rationalizing it, i want someone to talk me throw what he is doing and tell me what i am doing wrong and how i could n done it in a better way) Thanks for your time in advance.
  7. fell free to add me to your friends list, and hit me when ever i am on, i am always down for a platoon
  8. I am currently grinding my IS-8 and some other T8 and T7, i am your average player not so good but not so bad and i would really like to platoon with some one that can teach me how to play high Teirs, so if you want to help shoot me a pm/invite while i am online. *forgot to say, i play on the NA east server Thanks.
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