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  1. That was literally the greatest crd thread of all time thanks anime clubu Yes, be proud of being sick in the head and deranged. Be very, very proud. I'll leave the honours to someone else. -P_M On my way to work. Will finish taking out the trash when I get home. ~AW
  2. It pains me to say that WoT pubbies are indeed smarter than war thunder pubbies. ex ooo kv1 has armor my pz III disagrees and I end up with 9 kills a game

    1. AngryBanana


      oh yes WT pubs are so terrible, last time I played that I flanked 5 enemies and they didnt notice me untill they were all dead...

  3. You dont know how many people tell me the M46 shits on everything in its tier.
  4. I have no idea where to put this and since it can get out of hand pretty quickly I put it here. So Fellow unicums what IS the best tier 9 med of these 3? My vote is completely biased towards the E50 as its a flexible heavy with a bullshit gun and very similar to its tier 10 with very minor differences. T54 for me I was shit in it when I got it, the heat spam is too stronk for my credits. And aside from its heat spam I don't see it doing anything another tier 9 med cant do better. M46 I have no opinion on, but people do tell me it is better than the E50 for whatever reason.
  5. If I kept ranting I'd keep referencing WT since they have made many things really stick out as issues in this game. So Im not gonna do that
  6. Something that is actually rather more apparent in a different tank game on the much higher battle tiers of 4-5 with Meds, TDs, and Heavies Fact is like stated above the arcade aspect of this game (Map size, set view ranges, dpm etc) really hinders many possibilities to improve the meta itself
  7. Playing this game less and less :/

  8. Today is just the worst day of pubs I've seen in months. Just wow

    1. MrsmilieyfaceC8


      my brother told me this

    2. YesThatWasAPCR


      You sure you aren't on the test server?

  9. Great fun OP as hell too play it as a true TD or a light tank wrecks anything in its path
  10. RIP ME

    1. tomhwk


      x_x i still dont understand what happened lol

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