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  1. eduardo69

    Crossing the final gap

    Hi guys! Let me start saying you that Im a terribad player, 8k battles, made my mistakes and just reached a recent green WN8, I dont play as much as Id like because I have a very demanding job. Ive been improving thanks to this forum and my special mention to Agamemneon who is my personal Yoda Master with his valuable advice my gameplay is getting decent until now. I love heavys, I consider myself a decent player at tier VII and VIII specially with my T29 and IS-3. (Actually my only tier IX is the M103 since I want to get the T110E5). I have only one tier X the IS-7. this last tier is where my real problem starts. When I play tier VIII or IX battles I can do well to my own standards, but every time I ride my IS-7 I got myself in crazy situations when Im useless to my team and I get raped sooo fast. Im not helpful to my teams almost every battle. What would you suggest me to do? 1. Just keep playing more and more tier 8 and 9 battles till I improve? 2. eat the defeat at tier X and keep on it till I learn "The hard way" 3. is it just a mater of keep playing? Tier X is a very different sauce, help me to digest it. Thanks for your advice
  2. A question here. Ive read Garbad´s thread about the right set up for different tanks. Usually I run my T29 with vertstab (obviously), rammer and optics. (as suggested on the thread). This set up maximizes view range (that gets better with situational awareness on my radioman and BiA). BUT... T29 is more a close combat brawler than a sniper, the gun is powerful but accuracy is not as good as the Tiger´s. Since I find myself pretty often in urban or close range situations I think faster aiming is a choice, then I decided to switch optics for a GLD. I find this set up kind of logical to me. On the other hand optics may be a choice when the battles goes longer and there are a few tanks on the field, then spotting the enemy becomes mandatory, to place your bullet or to avoid that long distance nuclear blast that in many cases makes the difference between Victory or defeat. Any purple Guru willing to give this novice any advice??
  3. Hi guys. I would like to start saying the obvious, Im a terrible player. Ive played 6k battles, the first 4k were absolutely without any idea of the game, That is obviously reflected on my stats. My numbers are slowly improving but some thousands of horrible battles are still a burden that make difficult to raise my win rate and my WN8. The most difficult part to me is to raise the win rate since I play only public battles and Im not good enough to carry a game most of the times. However Ive noticed that my damage, experience, avg. kills and survival rate is climbing more and more. So here is my question,.In order to get decent numbers in my WN8 what would be the best strategy to focus on? kills? damage? wins? keeping a high win rate when you cant carry a game is very difficult to me. And some weekends I play many battles, I get tons of credits and exp, a few nice medals(top gun, high caliber) but most of the time the win rate keeps the same or goes down. So I would like to have an alternate path to have better numbers. Thanks in advance for your valuable help!!
  4. eduardo69

    Just researched T34-85 need advice!

    Hi guys, Ive reserached t34-85, coming for T 34, I like this one although I dont play it often. I dont know nothing about this tier VI medium. Anyone can give me an oppinion about this tank?? is it competitive in tier VII-VIII battles? sniper or flanker?? thanks for the help.
  5. eduardo69

    the tier VII heavy IS, How it is?

    Hi guys I just researched the IS, that would be my first Russian tier VII. I must Say I like a lot the KV-1S play style. Ive heard that the IS feels a lot like a tier VII KV1-S , Is this true?? How is its performance compared to best tier VII heavys like T-29?? any advice is welcome!!
  6. Hi there, I need the veteran´s advice here. The T29 has a very good gun (105mm). Lots of penetrating shots. Is it adviceable to take "dead eye" in the first place for the gunner? or should I delay it to take "snap shot" as a 1st skill?? The boost for critical shots is small (3%) so Im hesitating, any advice is welcome. Thanks a lot!!
  7. eduardo69

    T29, would get benefit from optics?

    I have to be honest. Im here because I konw Im a terrible player. But Ive noticed a slight imporvemet. First of all I play now with certain goals in mind every battle. make my HP points in damage. Try not to expose myself to enemy fire for no reason, and try to be aware of the minimap. I wish someday i will get better than now!! thanks a lot!!
  8. Hi there. I recently got my first tier VII, the T 29, actually is fully elited and with a 3 skill crew ( 3rd skill at 12%). I was running it with vents, rammer and vert stab. As I looked into this forums I can notice many players drop vents for something more useful, So I changed to vert stab + rammer + GLD, I must say the aim time is awesome (1,55s). here comes the question, If I drop GLD for optics my aim time (with BIA in the crew) would be 1,72s (still a very good aim time), and the view range goes up to 439,7. I think this is specially useful for this tank as it allows you to spot the enemy sooner and gives a chance to avoid that first shot from an upper tier enemy. Can you give any advice about this??
  9. Im wondering what is the best set up to play this heavy in disguise. I have to options in mind: A) use the stock turret with M1A1 gun, rammer, vert stab and optics, with this set up you maximize armor but have less view range (373.89 meters) and sacrifice a little bit RoF (16.55/min) my crew is actually torwards 3rd skill, so in a near future I wll hve Bia getting a final 381.9 meters view range and 16.93/min RoF. B) use the upgrade turret (more view range and RoF but less armor) and also Vert stab, rammer and optics, the Jumbo would be at 419.21 meters view range and 21.07 RoF , now this configutration scales up to (with BiA) 428.19 meters view range and 21.54/min RoF. The question here is, less armor for view range, I dont know what is the best. Or shuld I simply keeop the vents whatever configuration I have in mind. Can you give me any advice? thanks a lot.
  10. Hi guys, Ive been thinking around this for a while, I see many people playing the jumbo with the Howitzer (same as M4 Sherman), I think this tank is a heavy in disguise, What would you suggest to play it at full capabiities?? The howitzer or should I go for the M1A2 (using the upgraded turret seems a step back in terms of armor to me), any advice is welcome, thanks a lot°!!!
  11. Hi guys, Let me introduce myself Im Eduardo, a new player just 3k battles, After palying like a horrible zombie Im triyng to really imporve and Im here. despite Im a married man with a time consuming job, Ive been a gamer for years, I found this game a few months ago and seems to me the best Pc game Ive ever played. I like it cause its much more than a simple shooter, Startegy and decision making is that makes it so interesting to me. Im glad to be here!!