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  1. I came I saw I owned... deal with it. I even created IDEAL ipoopoou :P

  2. Passing through - jelly rule - you change the rules - fake stats - snowflakes wot lab cry babies just saying :p
  3. IOC for sure. RELIC try too hard
  4. glad u like it Tards will be Tards. Lol. Epic. Once my alt is set up I will be platooning the higher tiers. MOAR QQ pls Btw can I use your statement as an endorsement please ?
  5. A big welcome to our new members Today I was abused quite a lot in game over my second account stats. I enjoyed it very much, they didn't when I kicked their ass. I hope these words reassure u that u made a good choice in joining JELLY. Together we can upset the player base just with our simple presence. Enjoy
  6. FYI SS announced today that he may be shutting down his blog so u may want to get in there before it all goes Pete tong.
  7. Thanks guys. Much appreciated. I will swap over the crew this week.
  8. I still haven't played my Type I wanted to train my crew in the chi hai but on my alt it is just dishing out T5 battles every time (bar one or two where i got my ace tanker). I cant complain about the win rate but I hate to be carried and have only been lucky. Would it be stupid to take a 52% 1st skilled crew into a T8 battle? Sorry for the bad poast , even i know the answer, just venting
  9. That's good. Did you get on with yourself? And don't worry we will get there. I only plan to have up to 20 members
  10. Using a maximum of two words describe the clan in the post above and then post the next clan to be rated. I will start: EXNOM
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