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  1. Got back into wot, some shitter told me to "solo" him...rest is predictable



    1. ZXrage


      Dunking on a pub aside, WoT is probably one of the worst games to 1v1 on since a huge chunk of output is in positioning instead of mechanics 

  2. I would just like to necro this thread to quickly remind Kolnidur (Kolni, Yung?) that almost exactly 5 years ago he still has an unfinished DPG challenge and is 3rd place (out of 3)
  3. Why do certain players believe profanity like this image.png.20bc5b91076aa577c68f771da3d0a25b.png

    is in any way appropriate for a game? And why is it more often than not the sub green-shitters that believe they know it all?

    1. hazzgar


      Are you sure you didn't mistake Wot for a church? I get that it's stupid but being surprised by that is silly

    2. Snoregasm2


      Yeah, that's not right but definitely not surprising/noteworthy.

    3. BadLuckCharm


      The game is inherently frustrating, so that'll make the sewers back up.

  4. Error: Maximum number of players on Blacklist 1000 :cri:

    1. Snoregasm2


      I got there in 2017.

      I just select at random to delete and add new people in.

  5. I'm likely never going to get back to my old WOT level but these still make me feel all fuzzy inside:

    Schneeleopard1 (7:00:08 PM) you are just e EBAY-ACC not more, nor even a reroll-Acc, becausxe you are to stupid for it, enjoy your signs and medals and drawn yourself if the battle goes bad

    1. MagicalFlyingFox



      This 45%er only managed to shoot me once and that's all he did the entire game - his team won 15-2. My team had as much resistance as a wet tissue. I put in 3 shots into him, tracked him with the 2nd and get this PM after the game lol.


      Honestly worried about his ability to walk 3 steps without falling over let alone throwing a punch.

  6. Got rushed in 430 by like 5 different shitters and killed 4 of em.

    If you look closely you can see a friendly e75 rushing back for some reason.



  7. 1 pen outta 19 shots nice. I remember why I quit this game.



    1. Kymrel


      You forgot where the 2-key is?

  8. 71% after 60 battles in 430 - this tank is bae.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. koel76


      18 minutes ago, ZXrage said:

      You're crazy. i hate playing mine because it's so hard getting that gun on-target, and when it does it'll miss anyway

      That's why I rush into people and make sure I'm pushing the gun right into their face. Tbh my avg damage still low compared to t54 ~2.4k 

    3. hazzgar


      @ZXrage get closer, make people miss because they panic

    4. echo9835


      The stock grind is brutal. :doge:

  9. Actually done like 100+ since I came back and still playing this shit
  10. As @kolni has posted a streamer I decided to look at other streamers. I present to you the best of all time:



    1. PityFool


      yea hes a bit of a meme on the NA server. Always a free kill early game.

    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      His setup is just as aids as his goals and gameplay it seems like...

  11. Imo, games like WoT just have no longevity. Eventually it's simply a race of adding new content and modifying the game, you'll just get bored
  12. Haven't been on wotlabs for ages, quite quiet. Who is still around? Edit: Forgot how status updates worked...
  13. I have the XPS 15 and I can do nothing but praise it. Yes, it is probably among the more expensive laptops. But dell has put careful thought into it's design, and the aesthetics are amazing. As far as battery life: when I was bored and in the train to France (from Amsterdam), it lasted me the entire way there watching movies (2-3hrs?). Performance is absolutely superb. Granted, it's still a laptop so it's not a high end machine. But for a laptop that doesn't weigh a couple of bricks (looking at MSI "gaming" laptops)..it's more than adequate. If she decides to purchase an XPS, I w
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