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    How's everyone doing?

    Haven't been on wotlabs for ages, quite quiet. Who is still around? Edit: Forgot how status updates worked...
  2. I have the XPS 15 and I can do nothing but praise it. Yes, it is probably among the more expensive laptops. But dell has put careful thought into it's design, and the aesthetics are amazing. As far as battery life: when I was bored and in the train to France (from Amsterdam), it lasted me the entire way there watching movies (2-3hrs?). Performance is absolutely superb. Granted, it's still a laptop so it's not a high end machine. But for a laptop that doesn't weigh a couple of bricks (looking at MSI "gaming" laptops)..it's more than adequate. If she decides to purchase an XPS, I would recommend against getting the 4k touchscreen version. Also as a note in advance..while the laptop is great, Dell is not. If you assume you'll have to contact their customer support at any time, don't even bother. Because depending on your country of residence, their support is terrible.
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    aaveqs Strim Thread

    Aaveq uses Twitch emotes in wot platoon chat, cannot recommend 0/0.
  4. That's why everyone rerolled to EU
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    Free Christmas Hats: 2014+2 Edition

    Thank you for spreading the Christmas spirit!
  6. koel76

    Free Christmas Hats: 2014+2 Edition

    I demand a hat.
  7. Nice going, keep it up - and who knows, maybe one day you'll be good enough to quit wot permanently
  8. I will never play wot again, and unlike other things where I'll say never - this is actually me saying the truth. WoT was frustrating to play and I'm not even sure why I played it, it was the same thing over and over again - just different players and once in a while a different map. Games like WoT are just boring now. Empyrion Galactic survival <---I don't play that a lot...like when I'm really bored only EVE ONLINE MASTERRACE <---IT IS GOING FREE TO PLAY in 4 DAYS, PM me and I'll hook you up with some shit, I'm rich anyhow (shameless brag). Sins of a solar empire rebellion <----great game with friends. Supreme commander <---great game with friends And finally. scamstarcitizen, it's honestly not bad in the current state - it's lacking content but graphic wise it's amazing. And if they were to add a bit more content now, it would honestly be a great standalone game even in alpha. Much better than a lot of other titles...everyone who says it'll be a flop will be surprised once it's out, however long that may take. But the next alpha version will be stunning.
  9. Cultural diversification, coming to a neighborhood near you 



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      What's wrong with that. :gaytroll:

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      hijab is for casuals, burka or riot

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    Skyrim SE

    Man...ES 5 really been milked out completely.
  11. @Xen 


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      Wew, this is super old man, from like 2 weeks ago!


      @ninz He makes two very sensible points:

      1. He does not want legislation that forces people to speak in a certain way.

      2. He obviously does not approve of all this non-binary trans-faggotry and otherkin bullshit, and if I recall correctly he makes a relatively implicit remark, telling them that what they need is not language policing but mental help. 

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      is that Rita, Jingles' fiancée on the left on thumbnail?

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      2 entire weeks? Oops, my apologies Xen!

  12. On a serious note, how many clans are left on EU that aren't thrash tier and are still active? Do my favorite F15 friends still exist? @Mavi
  13. koel76

    I have no friends. :^(

    Stahp being a fail and you'll have friends.
  14. Ah fuck it, I'm going to play 10 matches on wot again after like almost a year.

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      I didn't even get past the point of installing, I saw the installer...noped straight out. 

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      Then I would say it went perfectly.

  15. CuKlvRCUAAAilc-.jpg


    Whoever guesses what this is gets a reward from me @Xen @aaveq @Siimcy

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      > It's mainly due to the North African population which for some reason has a great hatred towards them

      Surely, Islam has got nothing to do with it, right?

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      I am not allowed to say that it does, unless I wish to be labeled a racist.

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      affrrrucan muslims attacking jews


      SJW meltdown incoming


  16. Hello Weenis, How are you doing today? How is life? Is WoT worth playing again? Thank you sir,
  17. I think you're the sole remaining full-time player on WoT atm, you and some other baddies.
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    WoTLabs Throwback...Sunday?

  19. koel76

    Money halp

    So how did this move of yours go?
  20. So that's where everyone went..... Hai
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    Where do you find your underground/upcoming games?

    I just wait for someone to mention it to me.
  22. All my positions (south/north/west/east) will be based upon the mini-map of the respective screenshot I'm discussing. Excuse me for the bad UI. after patchday, I just took a random modpack so I didn't have the default UI as a result, my screen looks cluttered. Swamp used to be a very...basic map that revolved around sitting in arty cover and camping (because arty prevents camping). Replay if you want to watch me drive around the map: http://wotreplays.com/site/2022119#swamp-koel76-bat_-ch_tillon_25_ http://wotreplays.com/site/2022125#swamp-koel76-t-62a 1st one is more of a quick drive around the map - eventually had to stop because my bot friend started capping. 2nd one I actually spend some more time driving around with another guy. This used to be the old swamp. I've marked the old (usual) gud player deployment (in randoms) in the color of the respective base. The black arrow indicates common retarded pubbie deployment. Center area being retarded is debatable. I feel like WG has made some very solid changes, changes that will make swamp a decent/good map to play. They've also made some changes I dislike, because I "feel" like it has become biased towards the Northern spawn, this might just be because I've not played it in randoms - but I'll update it later once I have. At first I'll go in on the new spawn/bases. North spawn: The first thing you might notice, is the lack of any cover. It seems that WG has eliminated the ability to cap if anyone on the enemy team is still alive and near base. Meanwhile, there's countless of bushes/ditches near this base from which an enemy tank can come back and spot you. Pro tip: Don't cap, ever again. I feel like this was one of the bad changes. There's no longer a way to win a game by fast capping. The new positioning of both spawns give each side a better way to deploy without taking early damage. What did however concerned (lul not really) is the positioning of arty. If you check in screenshot 2, right ahead of me is a river...you can cross that river in any tank without drowning meaning no sitting in base with arty. While roaming around I couldn't find any positions arty could get to fast and stay safe in. In randoms, that'll be a good change because fuck arty. South spawn: Pretty much the same story. River straight ahead can also be crossed by enemy tanks. So if they want to get an arty that's sitting in base, they can. But they'll be spotted long before. Position of interest: 2 tanks can push a batchat or something else up there, only point in doing that is later in the game if the enemy decided to approach the red base (in this screenshot) from the south. SW corner: Each side has an equal chance of taking this position, I believe a short engagement will take place here. There's some cover in the form of a (demolished) castle. Not sure what else to say about this position. It's good that they've removed the camping from this position. the reason you can't really camp here is because the enemy team has an equal chance of getting that position. Although I believe this position is better to obtain for the Northern spawn. By doing this you will have their H7/8 campers/snipers fixated on dealing with you. And if they aren't, you kill them. H8 Area: Not much to this position early game. It's very open and pretty much useless now* Will update later if I utilize this spot in a random. ehind me you can see the friendly base. As I said before: It's very open now. In the second screenshot ahead of me, you'll notice an entrance to this position. Although, under most circumstances that entrance just opens you up to a lot of fire from different directions. Another thing you can see is that the leopard is trying up to get into a position, you can get there if you push 2 tanks up. Once again, not an important position but later in the game it might be useful...just don't count on your pubbies to get you up there. If for example your NE pubbies get rekt and you're in a platoon, you can probably farm some quick damage from this spot. Now the most significant of all, and where most engagements will be happening: The northern part of the map. I really don't know what to say. Each side has one entry. And then there's one more in the middle. I sadly do not have any more screenshots of the northern part. But there's a panorama somewhere from WG, it'll be your usual stalemate - The good thing is: there's arty cover. 2nd picture is one I consider a broken position if it's possible to get up there, from there you can spot any of the tanks they have at F9 without being spotted. It will require 3 tanks to push one up there...obviously, you'd have to win the engagement first to avoid being proxy spotted. Or if they don't send any tanks there, you get it for free. Picture 3 is another position the Northern spawn can use to dig out your campers. Put a light there and you'll have some fun spotting. As you can see, I spotted the leopard and he didn't spot me back until I fired. If you get spotted you're dead. Because there's only an open field to run to... So don't let that happen. Edit: It's a mediocre position, not even worth it ignore. First picture: Entrance 2nd: Position of interest 3rd: Position of interest Miscellaneous picture close to northern base and ridgeline: As you can see - the ridge line has been flattened and there's now some terrain irregularities here. Although, most of the time in a "normal" match there will be no engagements here. One last screenshot of why you probably want to avoid going into swamp: I don't have any other screenshots since I quickly did this on a laptop, if you want to see more - I guess you can just watch my replay or head into a training room yourself. From all of this, I conclude that the Northern spawn gets the better deal in these map changes. PS: If any arty players can tell me where arty would go now, that'd be great. If I play it once, I'll probably include where I think is the best place to go for some farming. Edit: Forgot the minimap
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    Thank you, WoTLabs.

    You are welcome.