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    koel76 reacted to Kymrel in 1 pen outta 19 shots nice. I remember why I quit this game.   
    You forgot where the 2-key is?
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    koel76 reacted to CoolOff in hewillnotdivide.us /pol/ has been trolling it since it started lmao   
    Shia cucking basement dwelling white supremacist. 
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    koel76 reacted to Xen in Whoever guesses what this is gets a reward from me @Xen @aaveq @Siimcy   
    That's a disgracefully ugly building. Is antisemitism such a large issue in the NL? Is it because of neonazis or muslims?
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    koel76 reacted to Xen in Whoever guesses what this is gets a reward from me @Xen @aaveq @Siimcy   
    > It's mainly due to the North African population which for some reason has a great hatred towards them
    Surely, Islam has got nothing to do with it, right?
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    koel76 got a reaction from Xen in Whoever guesses what this is gets a reward from me @Xen @aaveq @Siimcy   
    It's mainly due to the North African population which for some reason has a great hatred towards them. Even Jewish children get hatred from adults. I guess that says something is wrong. We're protecting them by what you can call imprisoning them. Oh, and that's an elementary school, so as a kid you have no idea why there's a large wall around you

    Welcome to Europe.
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    koel76 got a reaction from Xen in Whoever guesses what this is gets a reward from me @Xen @aaveq @Siimcy   
    No my friends, this is what you would call a Jewish school in Amsterdam. We're protecting children going to school by building a prison like fence among the playground. This is the solution to our issues apparently, and we didn't even need Donald T to tell us.
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    koel76 reacted to aaveq in Whoever guesses what this is gets a reward from me @Xen @aaveq @Siimcy   
    Special apartments for opressed refugees so they can feel safe and wont be disturbed by filthy racists netherlandish scums
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    koel76 reacted to aaveq in havent played for 10 months wot ded confirmed ?   
    time to surround them with walls or nukes
    Trump for Pope 2k17
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    koel76 got a reaction from Xen in @FlaviFeels I think you are going to like this: http://imgur.com/a/lutAj   
    Xen still here, my favorite fgt.
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    koel76 got a reaction from Xen in   
    Xen, get a life. 
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    koel76 got a reaction from zapyoug in   
    Xen, get a life. 
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    koel76 reacted to Jr_Jr in Bigotry, noun, plural bigotries. 1. stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed,be   
    You fucking what? I'm not talking about immigration I'm talking social reform. It seems like you don't know what it currently takes to even be a citizen. We have xenophobes in this country and rightly so. If we have a single mistake in who we deem a citizen coming from X country; It all goes to shit. Tens of millions at most is a nice pipe dream sunshine, but I wouldn't back away from the money being spent on background checks for criminality and diseases amongst other issues. The process should be shorter yes, but these trifle little checks are what the people wanted after 9/11. America isn't like Europe we dont let foreign people come here and rape our women. I'm not saying that out of spite; Im saying that out of history. If you've taken a look at where it got us now that's why. And adding to the fire with BLM, Social Justice, and Political Correctness wont solve anything because the other half of the country just has more reason to be "racist" or "bigots". 
    During the 2012 fiscal year, the federal government spent more on immigration enforcement ($18 billion) than on every other federal law enforcement agencies combined.
    That's just enforcing the nonsense broken system Reagan put in place.
    But clearly your perspective of the government spending is WAY WAY off. considering your first estimate was "hundreds of billions" which is ludicrously high. even the whole of immigration enforcement sense it's post Reagan era hasn't reached over 200 billion.
    There is no "rightful" reason to have xenophobes ever. By definition xenophobes is not "rightful".
    :  one unduly fearful of what is foreign and especially of people of foreign origin
    A single mistake means nothing. You are way over exaggerating the ability of a single immigrant. Even if 15% of them commit crimes that is an insignificant proportion. Even then 1st generation immigrants are safer, and commit less crime then natural born citizens, AND even 2nd generations are slightly safer PER CAPITA.
    I don't argue against back ground checks in the slightest. 
    The fact of the matter is you just need to add more manpower, and upgrade the systems that we use to bring people in. That's no where near a multi billion dollar event. Like I said tens of millions at most. That's reality.
    It also seems clear you are talking about Syrian refugees. The US currently has the longest, and most thorough policy for the refugees, and it takes years to actually get accepted, and longer to actually get here.
    I'm not interested in that. I'm solely focusing on Mexico, and various other south American country's.
    If it were so simple it would have been done a long time ago.
    Obviously not. You make politics sound like a simple afar. As if the concern is the well being of the country as a whole. That's not reality. That's pipe dream of sunshine.
    The debt is coming from our Medical and Military Industrial Complexes both of which even though working with the feds cost this country trillions of dollars. You can't comprehend what a single little fucking change can do down the line that's why social reform on a large scale doesn't work without a tipping point event ie revolution/mass protest. Social reform has to be introduced little by little because if everyone today was to magically get their student loans, medical debts, or anything else magically paid off by the government you're literally crippling the country even more so. The government would cut essential programs to the point where you'd be back at square 1 financially.
    How did "Medical" get looped in with Military industrial complex? That trying to hide a lie in a sea of facts right there.
    Were does Social reform fit into raising tax's back on the rich before Reagan cut them from 70% to 28%?
    Also social reforms have been happening non stop sense Reagan. There is no "revolution", and mass protesting is common enough. One happens every few month.
    Were does this fantastical view of the country on the verge of collapse come from? We are the RICHEST most powerful country this planet has ever seen. Do you have so little faith in this country that you think something as small as free community college would bring us to our knees? What essential programs could possibly be cut because of free community college, or a government run insurance program. You would get in increase in tax's to the government, but an overall decrease in spending on insurance for each person. The government would make more money, and would not need to pay the same inflated prices that a stagnant insurance market makes you pays now.
    You pay $10,000 a year in insurance now.
    Post government run insurance.
    You pay $0 in insurance
    Pay an extra $7,500-$5,000 in taxes.
    What looks more profitable for you?
    Like a typical liberal you identify the social issue, but when it comes to paying for it or coming up with a plan to solve it, the solution is one sentence "Oh yeah it's easy we'll fix it" There's no detail, no contingency if anything goes wrong, no fucking plan for the future. 
    I have no clue were you here social issues being discussed here, but talks about the boarder are right wing talking points. Not left ones....
    I can tell you exactly how we pay for all of this. Especially because the real price is a fraction of your crazy hundreds of billion dollar plans. Free community college only costs 60 billion for 10 years budget gaps. That in terms of government is a very good deal. You get everything beside books, and ofcource housing (It's a community college) free. The 60Billion for 10 years is fairly negligible in spending unless you planned on balancing the budget, but no one has done that in a decade.
    You want me to wright out a step by step plan for how to fix the governments budget plan here? You know that's upwards of 300 pages of writing?
    Like a typical right-winger you bring lies, spun facts, insults, straw man arguments, misconceptions, and lack of understanding of the basics of the government to a perfectly good debate of ideas.
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    koel76 got a reaction from Siimcy in http://politiek.tpo.nl/2013/09/08/oikofobie-de-angst-voor-het-eigene/ Omdat hoe meer   
    Are we going to twitch emote now? 

    @aaveq @Siimcy
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    koel76 got a reaction from Nope in http://politiek.tpo.nl/2013/09/08/oikofobie-de-angst-voor-het-eigene/ Omdat hoe meer   
    Are we going to twitch emote now? 

    @aaveq @Siimcy
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    koel76 got a reaction from Nope in   
    This game too shit, I got other things to do. I'll reinstall on the 9th for the 1:35 free exp and play 10 battles in the E5. If it wins and pads, I'll keep playing until I get bored of the tank. Otherwise, fuck this game.
    Maybe I should try @MissNurkie's suggestion and play the T20...
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    koel76 reacted to CarbonWard in I find it hard to believe that xvm focus is as bad as some people say...   
    You should try my acct for a day.
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    koel76 reacted to Medjed in This forum is going to the shitter. We have a new anime admin, gtfo and abandon ship.   
    fkn hell....how the fuck is animefag that is on my ignore list administrator?
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    koel76 got a reaction from Gashtag in Green shits rigging? Ruining my mission? Time to be a white knight.   
    I threw a little bit of bad English in the mix  and I'm certain that now these guys are sure to get banned 
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    koel76 reacted to Swoopie in How to do D13? 10kills... WHat tanks? I can get to 7-8 or so and then I fail   
    Killsteal, killsteal, killsteal. Helps if you get two platoonmates to cover you and make the targets low HP (I did D-11 with Vk72 so that my platoonmates shot the targets quite low HP and I could finish them with my good alpha). I think it took like 20-30 tries for me to get the D-13 mission done as I was doing it solo.
    There's my D-13, I was quite desperate at the end when I saw the BC running away (good thing he ran into the wreck :D)
    I've also managed to do over 10 kills few times after that accidentally while trying to do D-14. Here's a 11 kill match: http://wotreplays.com/site/2355849#berlin-swoopie-amx_50_b
    (Didn't notice until now that @Sergeant_Fgt was in the same game)
    Three kills were with reserves tho, but I had plenty of chances to get over 10 kills by shooting/ramming if I wanted that game. You just need to be active enough to stay in the front line but passive enough to not take too much damage so you'll survive as long as possible.
    Edit: As for tanks, I've been rolling my missions with M48/50B/E5 pretty much, nice all around combo.
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    koel76 got a reaction from Siimcy in Hype   
    brb, gotta get sub 3k DPG in it.
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    koel76 got a reaction from Nope in Hype   
    brb, gotta get sub 3k DPG in it.
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    koel76 reacted to NyxWGA in ohai!   
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    koel76 got a reaction from HELIONIST in my dad said no games in the house [pic] its fucking freezing   
    If I were your father, I'd have beat the shit out of you. I would have then taken you back into the house and crushed that laptop. 
    But something something apparently that's illegal.
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