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  1. Figured I would post here as well as most of the competetive community had migrated from main forum. VPG would like to apologize to the Clan League, WoT Community, and Wargamming for its inability to meet the requirements of the Clan League. Per the rules, we were unable to field valid teams in two matches and will likely be removed from the League in the near future. Unfortunately, the natural ebb and flow of clan memberships hit us an at a particularly vulnerable time. While the membership did its best to meet the requirements, in the end we fell short and must accept the consequence
  2. Props to wotlabs ts.  Ours crashed for league match last night, and we regrouped on wotlabs.  Many thx!

  3. Many thanks--those streams help. I learned a bunch watching champ league, but our callers and myself are all new, so its gonna be a bumpy ride--unfortunately broadcast live on twitch. (Also thnx for the google doc, I had a copy, but the online version is easier to pass along).
  4. Little background. Our little group of un-purples qualified for challenger league. 1 week in to league play, the core of our group, including our two FC's who pushed for us to qualify and led most of the battles bolted for a league opponent(Classy!). Those of us who remain wish to at least make a respectable showing, under now illusion that we are just going to be relegated, but would rather go down fighting then just forfeit or bumble our way through. With that have engaged in crash course learning to call, as well as trying to provide assistance to our up and coming callers. If anyone o
  5. Bump for great justice. We've had our ups and downs, now playing in Challenger League and in need of skilled players. Great opportunity to get in and claim a spot in the front lines right away.
  6. Big shout out to our callers who got us into Challenger League and then bailed for greener pastures after 2 nights.  Classy.

  7. Sorry to disappoint, I made the list as a baddie. I think dood is searching interwebs for conversations as I had commented on a thread in VPG forums what an idiot he was (I rarely post anywhere anymore cept clan forums). I am honored to be in such good company though. Who brought beer?
  8. ANy chance of a vid or screencap? The OP appears to be missing vids now. (maybe its just me)
  9. Defiler_of_Reds. Yes you had a good game. However, your sperg was a bit misplaced. Those "retard" "terribad 8s" won the game (at the time, the only 8s in game were the ones that remained alive at the end) for you after you blew up in a fury. Sofanut (random dude) did a fantanstic pincer flex, while I went hull down, ate shells, and reset cap. Both of us helped carry the load while you were berating us (and dead). GG.
  10. I found the original on reddit, but I didn't see if there was a difference calculated between Med/Heavies/TDs (aka what a T8 med sees vs a T8 heavy). I am not totally current on my MM formula, but I seem to recall heavies and TDs were weighted more than meds in MM calculations. Would be interesting to see that breakdown. Edit: Here is what I was speaking of (so there may be a difference between what a T7 heavy vs a T7 med Weight by Vehicle Type is generally applied as follows: All Heavy Tanks receive 20% extra weight. Tier 9 and 10 Medium Tanks receive 20% extra weight. Tier 8, 9 and 1
  11. My upvotes. Take them all. A young man thought to be so bold In chemistry to make from lead into fine polished gold But he forgot when fusing nuclei If he were a smart guy Only a high energy cyclotron would hold.
  12. [GMONK] has ceased clan wars activity for the near future. Still good peeps. No Clan Wars though.
  13. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-32628236 Ok which one of you bitches tracked him
  14. actually both of those address one of my biggest failings and it is something to work on. My biggest issue so far is I tend to play solo so I have very little assistance and I am WAAAAY too aggressive, even in mediums. Its trying to find that balance between "bold move" and "holy fuck that was derpy" In other words, I tend not to sit--in fact I should probably sit more and think about what I am about to do, I tend to forget about unspotted tanks and vulnerable firing lanes. Somehow I need to pound that into my brain.
  15. I've hit a rut/plateau at about 1400 WN8 and could use serious help on decision making to prevent derp games. In addition, some medium schooling as I feel it is my weakest point. 8ish Central to about midnight. Can do East or West server. Most med lines are finished so T10s are in great supply. Have lots of CW/tourney experience (land holding clan) so im not as raw as stats might suggest. Goal is to hit 1600-2000 WN8 60 day. Have TS, open mind, and will work hard.
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