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  1. Killed by the NA 113 legend himself:


    There is no higher honor.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      Best thread on those forums in months!

    3. Rin_


      This is gold to watch.

    4. 8at_eNTrOpY


      Well that was an entertaining read while it was up. Did the guy expect an outpouring of sympathy for his plight?

      I especially liked how the guy said his life plan was basically being good at tanks so he could live off money from gold league, and that now he'll be living off bread for the rest of his life.

  2. Ignore the retarded crew skill choices
  3. I just got cucked out of a Fadin's because 330 alpha HE rolls for fucking 270.

  4. I am currently in Ohio visiting some "relatives." Someone please fucking shoot me.

  5. lul


    1. Fifty_Shades_Of_Socks


      Surprised they have spots when Dierin is in the clan.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Assassin7


      That wasnt oxamathus in that video from what I've been told though.


      Also, 99% sure the people running that site have called other people niggers before. 

    3. Curo


      The amount of salt on that site, like the hypocrisy is overwhelming. 10/10.

    4. Hellsfog


      I didn't think it was possible but they have actually has gotten worse.  I'm not surprised since mental illness usually gets worse in the absence of treatment. 

  6. Optics or vents on Type 59?

    1. Assassin7


      I go vents because bleh gun handling

    2. MetGreDKo


      GLD. Gun handling is atrocious even with vents. 

    3. snowdude21325
  7. Am I doing it right, or is the winrate still too high?


    1. SchnitzelTruck


      I had the same experience today :/

    2. TAdoo87


      Two or three weeks ago I had less than 30% in one session.:babyrage:

      Just remember: If your session stats are good, then it is all skill, and if it is bad, then it's just bad luck. 

    3. SmurfReroll


      Easter holidays... 

  8. The first game is fucking awesome so hopefully this one will be just as good
  9. Does it make performing chemotherapy easier? I would assume it does with the longer barrel.
  10. Anyone on NA want to play pref 8's? Grinding credits is the most monotonous thing I've experienced in this game

    1. Android25


      so much more fun with new (non-pref) prems... Scorp, E5, AMX... all of them are a blast. Have made over 12 million credits just playing the tanks for fun

    2. Whole_Nutmeg


      I am not particularly keen on taking out my pref 8s with all the defenders that are sure to be running around this weekend. Thankfully I did some heavy credit grinding before the tank hit the store.

  11. Is there a maximum time limit (i.e. has to be within a year) for submitting a ticket to get a tank back? I sold the 112 forever ago but want to get it back

    1. Sovereign_M


      I sold my Panther M10 3 years ago and I got mine back just fine. go for it. Just make sure you have the creds and garage slot for what the tank is worth prolly 2.8 million. something like that. 

    2. _Goliard


      WG actually has a useful FAQ for that:



      Players can restore any vehicle the player previously owned as long as they meet the following criteria:

      • There must be records demonstrating ownership of the vehicle, and have at least one battle played.
      • You must have a free garage slot for the vehicle to be restored.
      • You must allow us to remove the credits received when selling the vehicle.


      NA Support can use one Exception to restore multiple vehicles, but players cannot combine multiple requests using one Exception. Please note that if you wish to reverse another action outside of a vehicle restoration, it must be clearly stated or requested in a separate ticket. Further, there is no time limit as to which vehicles can be restored, however they must meet the criteria mentioned above


    3. Treeburst


      I don't think there is, I had them restore the Soviet M3 light that I got at the very beginning of playing the game - and I am pretty sure I sold that thing in the first minute.

  12. M4A1 Revalorisé: 23 AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 33 Löwe: 32 T26E5 (Patriot): 34 Skorpion G: 23 STA-2: 26 M46 KR: 23 112: 25 Pz. 58 Mutz: 19 WZ-111: 13 - 3 = 10 Looks like just a shittier 112 T26E4: 8 KV-5: 5 + 1 = 6 Makes me wetter than a teenage girl at a Maroon 5 concert Type 59: 8 (KV-5 should've been at 5, not 9)
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