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  1. I forgot who said this, E5 is pretty good at bullying meds. With metas now being med heavy, I wouldn't be surprised if E5 is shining again
  2. I love it when noobs slam heat to my side
  3. am i the only one who doesn't get this tank? dog fight ability is straight shit and every other shot it went through i get ammo rack
  4. Unrelated topic, I wish they buff the dpm or snap shotibility
  5. I can see a big chunk of people just bot through this thing
  6. it would be really nice if people start using this ts, it is a great idea.. i dont want it to die like the wotlabs ts
  7. Mount and blade's Swedish knights are so op, it is so relatable to some tanks in this game
  8. This is very beneficial to those who are learning to call, thank you garbad
  9. koller

    guild wars 2

    Apparently it is half off, worth? Discuss
  10. I really dont get how the comet's expected value is so high, the tank is straight shit
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