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  1. and now we have an incentive systeem for the mods to ban, they get exp added to their accounts for bans, yea just what we need. perm bans from the fourms is a crazy amount. ban = no more fucking money goes to wg from me
  2. So basicly you got perma banned for a joke, about right up there with my forum ban for calling centruian_nz an idiot in a private message to tanitha. way too fucking serious but then found out a bunch of shit about the ban systeem on the asia server, (don't know or care if it is systeem wide) seems any moderator that issues a ban gets an auto 15k exp in game. that keeps their trolling up looking for a ban. a perma ban from the forums is a crazy amount of exp. like up to 1 million. have the skype chat btwn the mods to verrify this. didn't know skype could be hacked? haha gets worse in the num
  3. just did an average age thread on the clan website, 30% over 30 yrs. preium members over 30 yrs is 100%, under 30 yrs is 20%
  4. changed through to throw cause some didn't get it and i am a little drunk and tired, theses assholes have been lighting firecrackers off all fucking day long.
  5. Thinking on this, I have access to hardware at about half the price listed in most places. Shipping is a buzz kill unless you are ordering a container at a time. Software kills us here, even the windows stuff is shitty high. that is why I run linux and ubits. So. the idea could be a parts box with all the goodies ready to be assembled, kinda a build kit with interchangeable parts to upgrade with price. May start looking at this.
  6. just a note here on comp parts, hard ware. If you need bulk items twenty or more. drop me a line. Sometimes I can get for about half the cost.
  7. I'll throw my clan's hat in here. We are looking for the players to join us in the 19:00 seeding time slots for clan wars. We do training before clan wars for players that are going to be in the battle, and training after CW for all clan members. Have a clan website at www.ratpackinvaders.enjin.com and use raidcall, id is 5431115 If you have been banned from WG forums, you will fit right in. We may get beat a lot in clan wars, but we are there. Every night. Our fight is getting better. Open to all new members with tier ten. Open to alliance on the map. Feel free to contact me in game,
  8. right, the other day i was seal clubbing in my alt account ........... and ran across a dude with 16k battles, 62% win rate, EFF at about 50 or so Looked good until I checked the vehicles tab, 15k in a tier one. idk how anyone can do 15k in a tier one. and had 3688 top gun awards. should have saved the name so we could worship the real seal clubber.
  9. I love it, that is kinda like arty trolling.
  10. Hello everyone that want's to read this and give a shit, or not.
  11. No shit posts? will def have to make a stop in the venting room.
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