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  1. EU? Why not go to the source of dank tank strats itself? Reroll on the RU server. I can teach you the basic necessary Russian, blyat.
  2. Right. So how does one make it work in game? I had some better success playing is last night, playing a lot more passively, like a TD for the first 5-8 minutes of the game before trying to do 'medium things' with it. Seems to work better that way even though the accuracy still isn't ideal to be kemping bush.
  3. In my opinion, a Sherman with shit mobility and shit depression seems to defeat the whole point of the Sherman. Yes the gun and gun handling is good. But I can't go hulldown effectively (because lack of turret armor and depression), can't do medium things and flank (because of shit mobility), and can't snipe that well (because .39 accuracy). Please prove me wrong and tell me how I am supposed to play this tank because I just feel like I'm roleplaying a crippled guy with a big stick. Thank you in advance. edit: so it seems like "kemp bush and spam all APCR" is a popular method of making this tank work. is there any way to play it more like a regular medium or should I resort to doing more bush kempy things most of the time?
  4. Actually disregard my post in your Tank School thread. I would much rather have 1 on 1 coaching. Account name YT4LYFE Availability in EST/EDT or at least relative to GMT M,W,F 8-midnight EST, T,Th, Sat, Sun I'm very flexible. I can do almost any time. Link to wotlabs/noobmeter page's http://wotlabs.net/na/player/YT4LYFE What tank(s) do you want to learn in? Tier 10s mostly. But a bit of everything would be nice. My FCM and Obj 140 performance can definitely use some work. Rank order the 3 major areas listed above, based on your interest or need to improve. Tactics, Mechanics, Meta-game. Meta game I need absolutely 0 help with. Mechanics I also feel like I understand almost entirely, but might have a few questions. It's mostly positioning and flexing and adapting to the battle that I need help with. Link to a replay of a game where you played well,and a replay of a game where you felt "lost" or you thought you could have won (wotreplays or noobmeter). Preferably in the tanks listed above. I will only have time to review 2 replays, so choose wisely! I only save the last replay so I don't have anything to give you ATM. But I can save a couple tonight and update this post with the replays. Anything I need to know About you to teach you well? Not sure how to even answer this. I sometimes suffer from 'information overload' in the heat of the battle?
  5. I tink I tenk gud but sumtim I am kill by invisi hax tenks pls halp
  6. That's just what happens when you play light tanks. You have to really rely on your team to not go full retard. Some light tanks you can carry in (like the T37, Bulldog, and 13 90) but the 12t isn't quite a carrying tank.
  7. YT4LYFE

    AMX 50 120

    What's the optimal equipment for this tank? V-Stab, GLD, Vents? Because I'm honestly considering switching vents for wet ammo rack due to how often it gets damaged.
  8. Oh I see, so I've been doing it wrong the whole time. I'll demount my equipment right now. Thanks for the advice.
  9. At the moment I run: EGLD - obvious choice. helps aim time. Camo Net - helps me stay invisible in fairly aggressive positions Binocs - weird choice because I don't know what else to put on I can't run Vents because it's 'open top' and can't run Rammer because autoloader. The only other viable choice (in my opinion) is the Medium Spall Liner because helps if someone is trying to counter me or ram me. However it will make me slower, which partially negates the point of Batchat Arty. I'm probably gonna get laughed at for using binocs but it did come in useful a couple of times when I was left alone to reset cap or unable to leave concealment without getting spotted. So yea. Spall Liner, Binocs, or something else? What do you guys run? Thanks,
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