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  1. Happy Holidays. Stop by my Toys for Tots 24 hour charity stream and support the children in need this holiday season! https://www.twitch.tv/poshybrid Times are tight for a lot of us during the holidays so you do not have to donate, just stopping by and chatting is more than enough.There will be random giveaways for gold, premium time, and tanks. We will also be giving away ANY T8 premium tank of your choice at the end of the stream. But I will also be giving away other tanks randomly during the stream. All giveaways are for both NA and EU servers. You can request any tank to be played or any s
  2. Of course Marine , we can toon for as long as you want brother. Stop by anytime man
  3. Hello, I will be doing a 24 hour charity stream this weekend for Woofs for Warriors, a veterans service dog charity for our vets with PTSD. Will be a good time. I will be starting around 10pm EST Friday 7/22. Come out and support our Veterans ! https://www.twitch.tv/poshybrid Here is a video of my friend, veteran and fellow WoT player Sc00ter on the news talking about the charity and his service dog. http://cbs6albany.co...ing-one-another Here is more info on the charity and its programs. http://mmvf.org/woofs-for-warriors/ Look forward to seeing you ther
  4. Hello ! I was gifted the M46 Patton KR pre-release by WG to preview for the community ! It has a GREAT gun and is an awesome tank. If you would like to see it in action live come check out my Official Club Wargaming live stream at http://www.twitch.tv/poshybrid . Thanks and look forward to seeing you all ! LIVE NOW !!!
  5. Hello! I am streaming WoT in 1080p for your viewing and learning pleasure with an emphasis on light and medium high tier tank play. I do the best follower giveaways I have seen for WoT to date ! Next giveaway is @ 2k followers for 10 Million credit & 10K Gold package. Prizes for NA and EU servers only ! We have given away 63,000 gold , 5 million Credits and 25 weeks of premium time in the last few months! I stream all pub matches and SIMP tournament team matches. Stream is up 7 days a week mostly late at night and into the morning EST time. I do follower platoons on Saturdays regardless of
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