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  1. Don't forget that we tried to warn him on TS, but guess what, an inactive player was not on TS. The only issue is that apparently other people in other clans would like us to try to outreach to inactive players through more methods, which Allu already said was an oversight and not reflective of clan policy, in addition to apologizing for not warning a 3-month inactive that he will be kicked But some people love to throw stones, even when they live in fragile glass houses.
  2. Yes, ideally, we send players messages when we kick them, but the attendance policy was communicated very clearly. Allurai exposed pretty explicitly the extent to which Smylee was not a part of the clan and chose to forego clan activities for pubs etc., which is not acceptable given the consistency with which it was done. We should have tried to pm him on the forums or in-game as well, but I'm frankly astounded that people are surprised that after months of inactivity, and not being able to find someone on TS, we kicked that player, along with several other inactives. It's our policy to try to communicate with players before they're kicked, obviously we should have tried a couple more avenues of approach, but it's also our policy to maintain strict attendance requirements and judge players by more than their forum signature lines. The responses by some of the BULBA posters demonstrate the extent to which they think that a player's worth is demonstrated through either pubs or a gold payout for joining. And that has never been, and never will be our policy, with the exception of some questionable recruiting done through Gab several months ago, which was shut down. And we think that history, our success, and our activity, all corroborate that's not the way we'd like to do things. I find many of the posts here amusing, over such a simple and clear cut issue. Allu has already said that we should have tried to communicate in different ways with Smylee, but were I him, or anyone else recently kicked, I would not be surprised or angry after consistent failure to show up to strongholds, CW, or anything team related. Then again, maybe others here have different standards of activity. In the future, to reassure the multitudes that are concerned about this issue of great importance, we will try to be more consistent in our outreach before kicking inactives. Sorry smylee! Exceptions are not the rule, but a slight mistake does not account for months of inactivity.
  3. Besides the fact that you defending anime-lovers is not biased as fuck... The reason most anime, loli, pubtard, and brony posts are so bad isn't even mostly for what they represent. It's because they're just utter and complete shit. They are poorly formulated, unoriginal, and appeal to only a small subset of the world of tanks population. If you like loli, go fucking post about it on a loli 4chan thread and leave CR/D to people who actually want to post about things related to CR/D. I've nothing against anime, I know some pretty nice people who like anime. Loli's creepy as fuck in my opinion but whatever. Bronies and DOS in general are cancer, but it's not because they're bronies specifically, it's because they fucking post about like it's their job. The point is that if a small subgroup of players happen to post terrible things together that aren't witty or interesting to the vast majority of influential CR/D denizens, they'll get labelled as shit because they are just terrible posters. The only reason that shit anime, loli, pubtard, and brony posts don't get as negged to hell in CR/D as they should is that the CR/D heavy hitters only have so many negs and are using them mostly on whichever clan they are currently prosecuting a propaganda war against, namely EG and Petco offsetting negs and pos reps with each other. The goons were at least witty. CR/D isn't for everyone and it's a pretty shitty place generally, but the stuff being posted in the NTR, PLSGO, and DOS embassies really isn't adding much.
  4. Yea that vid's pretty funny. Btw hai guys, I'm the newest convert to wotlabs forums.
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