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  1. So, I decided to get back into WoT since Battlefield 1 was rubbish and Battlefront doesn't have much depth to it (But was the worth the whole 14 AUD I spent on the thing). I've forgotten almost everything about playing meds though, so if you see an absolute sped in a med over the next week or so, that's probably me. Also, jesus christ power creep really feels like a thing. The new Swede HT line looks nuts (Remember when the E-50M was special because it had .3 accuracy? Now theres an autoloading heavy with the same accuracy and a better aim time), and I've learnt to be very goddamn scared of the TD line playing my T-34-85 today.
  2. He's an ex mod? Neat. And I saw the posts, much sperg, many lols. These prems are looking increasingly bs. I miss when they at least tried to make it looked balanced. I hope this means there's a Lowe buff in the future though... The AW arty mechanic looks fun. Not to play, but to get shot at with, as opposed to WoT's shtick. Was there any timeframe or just 'Soon'?
  3. The rest I excluded because they're not typically involved in training or are inactive enough to not worry about. AALG doesnt really help with training, aside from occasionally providing insight on a mod matter or moderating. He's generally ingame, as is Freshmeat (Or was, its been a while). Im not going to diss on every mod ever, just saying, that's where the problems will start. Sides, you didn't see that ban-happy side of Chappo. He was ready to ban you for stuff that didnt otherwise warrant a ban, just because it was you, before Tan every really started talking about a 'thin ice/hit list'. He's after a WG job though, so I can understand why he acts the way he does. Anyway. Enough of goss. I'm back, I'm bad and Reaper's delivered his much awaited 'I told you so'. (Also Reaper, Politx can join in if he wants...)
  4. As long as Cent, Chappo and McMole are near new mods, they'll end up rotten, unless they're forum warriors to start with. Chappo and Cent are really, really far over in the 'I love WG, give me a job, I'll sell my soul' side of modding, McMole isn't the sharpest crayon. Never. I like having a life again.
  5. I dont give hugs unless there's groping involved.
  6. IMs? And the Japanese invading happened before I left I think, with the transfer? Im getting the apathy vibe though. @Joc: Wait, what did Pyro do? He made his IGN an image? That sounds fucking amazing, 10/10. And Cent left, then came back, and Tan actually went over to the AW forums? Thats... rather juvenile tbh. @Storm: AW looks like a serious competitor. At the very least, it doesnt look like a 00s game, and looks like what WoT does in those trailers they spam out. And if its an actual arcade game, then it counts as competition. Hope it actually motivates WG to make WoT better. I cant believe CR/D actually got locked down, thats completely retarded.. @Fabien: RIP in pieces me? Its kinda good to be back, but the games still trash because pubbies. Im not sure if I'll stay, or find some other shooter to occupy my time. At least it was nice to touch base with all the warriors. What ever happened to Server roaming anyway?.. EDIT- Forums wont let me add in multiple quotes, the hell...
  7. I'll send in an app then, not sure who else to apply to really. More after a social thing than 'Let's conquer the world/forums!' anyway. Without trying to make the whole show about me, what else did I miss in recent months? And whats with these stupid badges that keep popping up in battle whenever I damage or crit someone... I feel like im back in Battlefield.
  8. Sacrifice a virgin (NOT ME!), I hear that works wonders for gettings the gods on your side. And no, there is no way in hell I'm going near a crayon anytime in the near future. Im over fucking politics, trying to herd cats and dodging rotten eggs from forum posters (Of which some were seriously deserved). And I'm good man! Thanks. Uni's almost done, got some writing gigs in Gaming Journalism, so I'm happy. I just needed an online shooter, and couldnt resist trying WoT out again. I'm actually considering sending in an application to a clan again, considering I'll probably dive into WoT again. (Does PBKAC have room? If Reaps can listen to the suggestion for long enough without breaking down laughing). Hows news with you man? Anything exciting happen?
  9. Nice to see nothings changed in 4 odd months. I finally break down, download the client and find Wargamings dont absolutely jack shit as far as I can see ingame. I can still can't sort my garage, they're still pawning to idiots in internet cafes who tick the remember password box, I need a mod to make my techtree vertical, and from the looks of what you guys have been saying, the forums went and completely died (Theres more shit that was pissing me off ingame last night too, but Im sure there's a character limit for posts...). Is there a new saying going around called 'Going full WG?' Because I swear, they seem to exceed merely going full retard...
  10. I swear it's in the EULA or something, but WG reserves to right to ban your ass for no reason. If you piss the staff off, they'll nuke you. Takes a lot of effort, but they can. Nuke from orbit generally means either A- the rules get more tight for this one person, like posting anti-WG stuff, while obeying the normal rules. Then you get a nice RO for it. Or B- You get really big ROs for stuff that wouldn't otherwise warrant it. Or both. Last I checked, Ezz was still on it.
  11. It bothers me more than he didn't even bother to sign it. FYI- 'Conference with staff' probably means 'Asked Tan for a big ban. Tan let him have a big ban.' There's no real conferences. Tan handles big shit (like ordering big ass bans) on the forums, Spotter handles the mods on a day to day basis. The 'EULA breach' warning was generally restricted for shit like 'Let's all go TK Hopeful' or some crap, or generally giving incentives to break the rules. Didnt use it much. Most of the times everyone was talking about TKing was in CR/D, which we let fly. But it's so general it's basically the misc warning when you've pissed people off, and they need an area to fit it in. Hey, I tried man. Also, man, a lot of damn drama for WoTlabs. I thought this was the chill forum? Fun to read, but sheesh. And Camma's right on one point Nagato; simply posting here doesnt immediately fix your reputation. But as Otto points out, it's always better that the some mods are at least willing to try and maintain some level of contact; since they have literally no incentive to do so. Remember, the staff care very little for the forums and how they're moderated. You basically need to go all SeanL to get removed. Mad smacked some guys for posting anti NZ stuff (he's a kiwi himself), which got overturned in Skype, and he didn't even get yelled at. Take what you can get guys. If the staff eventually get fed up with the mods, you'll have a bunch of hired guys come in like they do in NA. Then you're in for shit modding.
  12. Dude, I left like a month ago. Mostly amicable, I wanted to focus on more constructive time sinks (languages, reading, actually doing uni work instead of just bludging it), and being able to play WoT, instead of it feeling like work. Although I did have issues with the mod team setup. It's a communist system- no clear leader, the staff treat us as equals besides the trainees. so basically, unless the mods do something bone-headily stupid, they're free to do their own thing. Which created issues, like when mods like Chappo go off and stop moderating, and then abruptly re-emerge to moderate, without any clue on how we mod anymore. Or mods just doing their own thing, banning people they have issues with, double standards, etc. I got a level of control by training the minions, but seriously, way too much politics in the end. Nice people, bad system.
  13. Literally just Ezz and Otto afaik. Pretty much this. Had to have some fights on it actually. I think Otto's near-nuking was prior to his anti-botting crusade. It was quite some time ago actually.
  14. Friends? Man, haven't had those in a long time in WoT. Less crap to deal with. Can zone out and do my own shit. I think I've spent like 10 hours in PS2 or something over the past week as well. Man that games addicting. Which is strange, because you were almost on the 'nuke from orbit' list at one stage. Basically, you pulled an Ezz.
  15. Of course you do. And then you get to come over here and complain when they RO you for it.