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    One day, hear knock on door.
    Man ask, "who is?"
    "Is potato man, come around to give free potato."
    Man is very excited and opens door.
    Is not potato man, is secret police ):
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  1. If you platoon 8s now you are guaranteed to be bottom tier
  2. You should contact H3H3 bro, cruel and inhumane pranksters like these should be exposed.
  3. I just figured it out. If you still have the rental vehicle you are trying to purchase in your garage you have to remove it before you can do the trade in.
  4. I've been getting this error when trying to trade in my SU-100Y for the tier 6 strv: "Error: Failed to trade in for the Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2. Server error. Please try again later." Anybody know what this is?
  5. I'm callin' it right here. I think they are going to slap the ferdi gun on it and make it faster.
  6. Sometimes I just don't know
  7. I've been playing the tier 10 and the aiming circle is a lot smaller when in sniper mode. When in 3rd person it looks like I'm trying to hit something with an E-100, but in sniper mode it is more like E50M accuracy
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