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  1. Okay, which one of you made this game? http://store.steampowered.com/app/379980/

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    2. Gandaran


      Between the "features" and reviews I was almost tempted to get this.

    3. UnusualMedic


      I'm guilty of having it.

    4. Zepherex
  2. I'm going to try streaming this afternoon at twitch.tv/ar___15 if anyone is interested.

  3. Orzanel is a good troll

    1. TheMarine0341
    2. Sergeant_Fgt


      1 Game: 2 Blind shot kills from full hp in Cancerous Guatemala Carrier
      2nd Game: 2 Fires and 1 Blow up

      3rd Game: all fine but 1 low roll for about 5% -  calls himself never lucky and rages about rng :foreveralone:

      ^ Dats the usual stuff y he is a fgt, dunno what he has done recently tho

  4. 4k \o/, time to retire the 907 again http://i.imgur.com/7SCydqR.jpg

    1. Migizikody


      but why retire a fun tonk

  5. What is love? http://i.imgur.com/gdHrEa3.png Winrate don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.

  6. Streaming with my favorite bro, CHAI music bot http://www.twitch.tv/ar___15

  7. http://youtu.be/pm7yWtdUBlw?t=3m9s Jove launches a nuke from a Tog and it lands in the middle of NA clan wars. Never forget.
  8. Lucique and Jove roleplay as American players and go on an adventure to liberate oil

    1. Gashtag



    2. ViktorKitov


      "Soon we will take Berlin with out grandparents IS-7"

    3. Private_Miros


      Fantastically crazy Russians

  9. I'm streaming some S1CK gameplay http://www.twitch.tv/ar___15 Don't forget to say hi in chat :D!

  10. Looking for a factor of 98 that is a perfect square using wolfram and notice one of the "related" questions http://i.imgur.com/oUiCpsY.png

    1. Haswell


      math is hard, yo

  11. Chaffee races = the most retarded piece of glitchy shit ever

    1. Jojo_Joseph_Joestar


      Them 420 spin no scopes doe

    2. Melol


      rip me because of them

  12. Operation: Remove all the dust from my computer using a leaf blower was a success

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    2. Medjed


      Air compressor does wonders too. You just have to be careful with fans because compressor can make it spin too fast and break it, but rest of the PC will look like brand new after you're done.

    3. Haswell


      Those shopvac blowers work wonders, for ~$40.

    4. Cunicularius


      That's how I clean my kits, air compressor.

      Amazing the shit that'll fly out...

  13. The throws are real

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    2. #Lunaughty


      A game of throws

    3. Deusmortis


      Pubbie throw is the most powerful force in the universe.

    4. The_Super_Soldier
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    2. Cunicularius


      That's the kind of thing that you hit going down the road, and do not stop for, just keep fucking going... Nasty...

    3. deathmachine16


      How much he have to pay?

    4. AR_15


      ^ tree fiddy

  14. How you like yo eggs? Fried or fertilized?

  15. Fuck BF3. Just played an hour long match only to kicked in the last few minutes. I rejoin and get no credit for anything I had done. Fuck EVERYTHING

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    2. AR_15
    3. KraftLawrence


      hey man i installed bad company 2, log in to play a couple games, get camo sniped by chai players i not even see for an hour, and logged out with like a 1:4 K/D ratio :(

    4. hallo1994


      Youre doing it wrong

  16. >"Jesus take the wheel"

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    2. adi
    3. hallo1994


      "hallo1994 comes in to join the fight"

    4. Tuco22


      Prepare for jihad.

  17. I found a higher res version of my past avatar and touched it up a bit, what do you think :D?

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    2. AR_15


      But I like pink back ground D:

    3. Rexxie
    4. AR_15


      Thanks tho Rexxie <3

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