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  1. Yesterday I played arty all fucking day to get the SPG-15 mission done, fucking rip stats. I got three aces in a row and two Gores medals, then it finally came through. I think WG was just fucking sick of me already, so they just gave me that !!ONE!! xp more than the next on the list. I still feel frustrated, mad and disgusted today though, god I hate arty. And it was so much work to get all that xp needed, jesus, hard with so many lights around. But I do love my new crewlady. Just one to go. :D

    1. Folterknecht


      What arty did you play? On t6-7 the SPG-15 missions are relative easy ...

    2. MissNurki


      Tried with the t6 american arta, but doing 3k was hard in a t8 battle because the HE/HEAT wasnt strong enough to pen or do real dmg. Ended up doing it in 53/55 with a high caliber, tio gun, gores medal and anither medal I don't remember the name of. I felt like rage-selling the t9 arta, but I ended up just rageselling the t6. :3

    3. Medjed
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