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  1. A pubbie told me that "only kills count, not damage". Valuable insight to the mind of a 46.4% winrate player who had a stunning 4 kills and 450 dmg after 9 minutes. He blamed me for the loss, despite me being bottom tier and doing almost 10 times his dmg. Just not enough kills to be good yo, because some 46.4%er kept following me and killstealing. Coincidence, y/n/potatoe?

    Also, T20 is love, T20 is life. Two souls, one muzzle. <3

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    2. Patient0


      If the unicums only prioritize damage, the shitters have to prioritize kills. :^)

    3. Crossfader


      but can you really blame them when WG does such a poor job explaining how their game works

    4. MissNurki


      I now understand that I need to start following my platoonmates/teammates and only steal kills to get gud. 

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