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  1. That feel in Domination when you have 7900 blocked and 9800 dmg when someone cappes and wins the game before you can fire that one last shell at an AFK to get that cancer mission done. 200 dmg away from glory. FUCK YOU FLAG PUBBIES!! :nmad: Closest I've ever been to crying myself to sleep, FML.

    With my luck I'd bounce anyway though. :cri:

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    2. MissNurki


      Ditto, I've left like 5 games yesterday and just went in other tanks or went to play randoms.

    3. Siimcy


      Know the feel, was a bit further away at 9k dmg and 7,2k blocked but still close. :feelsbad:

      And in domination killed 3 flags and 9,8k dmg. :feelsbad:

      D-1, 250+ vic points, 2,8k dmg :feelsbad: (Did it soon after)

      BTW I do the same thing as koel does now, if I fuck up the mission from the start or not the right setup etc I just go to garage.

    4. Medjed


      mfw reading everyones mission rageposts and being all like


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