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  1. They offered me 20% dicount on an expensive adapter to make my brand new headset work as they had specified on their website that it would 'out of the box'. I offered them my humble opinion. Headset was like 60 euros, adapter is 30 euros AFTER that amazing 20% discount. :nmad: Bitches better have my money, shit is going back to Denmark! :nmad:

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    2. Folterknecht


      That calls for a proper invasion to set things right!

    3. FullGore


      jesus who evah put headset on usb ? dafok nurkie ! usb is shit really for audio.

    4. MissNurki


      I don't give a fucking shit about the audio. And my jacks are broken, and because I have no fuck to give about audio: shit will never get fixed. I care about comfort and price first, sound comes somewhere way later.

      I'll fucking wreck them over phone tomorrow if they don't respond. Even better; take the shit with me to Oslo in two weeks and visit their store there. Nothing like showing up in the store and making the staff afraid of me causing a scene in front of potential customers. :awyeah:

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