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  1. Super hyped all week to get home and play The Division, only to get really sick and end up on the bed binge-watching netflix and eating crumbly bagettes. FML

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    2. Siimcy


      Same here tbh :doge:

    3. concep


      Well get better and add me on uPlay when you get around to the game :P


    4. MissNurki


      I'll do my best to remember, concep, but safest thing might be just adding me when you get to your computer since that will highly likely happen sooner. Same ign as in wot/here. 

      Medjed, just admit your internet could never stream or even buffer netflix :dealdog:


      Also, still sick, fml, feels like my brain has liquified and everything hurts- not to mention the fevers. Q......Q

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