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  1. An old sewing machine with cast iron table became my new console table for my TV. Removed sewing machine and added a new top, treated it with stain x2, lacquer and black decor wax. Fits right in with the other funiture I've made. :disco:


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    2. Spartan96


      First powered flight used a sewing machine as an engine :^)

    3. Sergeant_Fgt


      U have more sockets right there than I have in my entire flat. FeelsSubhuMan :feelsbad:

    4. MissNurki


      My landlord has a thing for sockets, you have no idea how many I have. I think it was 24 sockets in my livingroom that's like 20m2(12 double ones). 5 double in my bedroom that's like 12m2. And of a double one over every wondow in my apartment. They are EVERYWHERE! It's nice not having to use extenders though.

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